OLD Condor with the O-ring on Top Hat ?

I was taking apart the condor valve I got free from Randall and found it has an O-ring Channel cut into the top hat…..

I dont know the full history of the valve, perhaps it was tuned and this was done aftermarket…. If not then it seems they started making small changes to the valve before the big stem style change as other than the o-ring this is the older style valve and NOT the new ones with the new stem shape.

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I could have sworn there wasnt an o-ring on mine when i took it apart to get sizes back when I was making the .308, but then again I wasnt really looking for it or paying much attention to the inside so it could easily have been there.

Offcourse I dont have it anymore to check for my own benefit, but I’m sure you’ve looked at enough to know Tony.

Good eye Ninj,
but the o-ring has always been there on the top hats.
It is such a thin o-ring that you really have to look for it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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