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    Frame Extender (Talon SS/18″ barrel) arrived today. Pretty nice. Guess I was expecting to have to use the original end-cap from the SS. Not so!The end-cap is one with the unit.

    The extender fits inside the shroud of the SS.
    So what would spacers and baffels have to be down-sized to? I don’t own a caliper, and I’m as good at measuring, as I am at cutting….hence…. the “stubby”…………

    Secondly, how much space do I have to fill between the end of the barrel, and the end of the shroud? Translated, I think that means, how can I be sure that I’ve added enough spacers/baffels to occupy the space from the barrel’s end…….to the frame extenders end cap?

    The frame extender comes from Bull’s Eye Bill. Good product……a little slow on delivery.

    Thanks! 😀


    The TSS has 6″ from end of barel to end of shroud. Alot of designs incorporate a 2.5″-3″ air space in front of barrel some use a spring wrapped with a scotch brite pad, i use pvc that fits over the end of the barrel and drill a bunch of 1/8″ holes in it. Either spring or pipe this allows for air to expand and dissipate if you have your front bushing drilled. Even if you don’t it still breaks up the initial air blast. In front of the spacer a washer is used drilled to .25 or 1/4″ then a spacer i use copper tubing (bafffle) cut to 1″ and 5/8″ split down the center so it can be opened up for a tight fit. Then you mess around with the spacing of the baffles and washers. YN uses finish washers these work nice and in your setup might be the ticket, because your below 1″. Go to th hardware store with your shroud and find out what fits in there snug. I believe YN used o-rings inbetween the finish washers. These washers have a flared inside and should serve well. I’d still use a 2.5-3″ spacer of some kind as an expansion chamber.


    I put a long spring in the shroud to keep the first washers (baffles) away from the barrel end a bit. Then used nylon washers, turned to fit the shroud. I put different numbers of spacers (O-rings) between them in order to supposedly break up the various harmonics involved in the sound. It seems to work. With just 4 washers about all you hear when I fire my Talon is a “clunk” from the hammer striking the breech. It does make a little “puff” sound but it’s not even as loud as a staple gun.

    I have a condor with the 18 inch barrel and another with the 24 inch barrel. Aluminum was a bit too heavy for the longer shroud I needed on those so I made shrouds from Carbon fiber, with a short aluminum collar or shoulder that mates into the factory shroud. The end result is a smooth junction between factory and custom shroud. And, the carbon fiber shroud is very light and doesn’t change the balance of the gun by more than just a very tiny bit.


    Shaky, Here are some pics of slightly different methods I’ve used to shroud guns. Both use off the shelf internals so you dont need a machineshop or tools to do it if you have the shroud itself.. like you do.

    Best way to get washer’s and springs that fit the frame extender is to just take it to local hardware store (DONT take the gun, lol).

    This can be sized up or down to fit any shroud….

    And here’s what I put in my SS frame, no extension.


    You guys are awesome! Thanks for the help!

    Shaky 😀


    Heres what I did in my TSS. There is only about an inch from the end of the barrel to the first baffle.

    I vented my bushing since I had to pull the barrel out anyway to remove the cones. They are a snug fit and dont just fall out.

    I also vented the frame in the space between the two bushings. Just as much air comes out of these holes as it does out of the endcap. If I cover them with my hand there is a noticeable increase in overall sound.

    This worked out really well. In fact, I normally shoot out of my garage into a target. The other day I took it to work and was showing it off to the guys. I cocked it and pulled the trigger and all I really heard was the hammer slap. I thought to myself “dammit, something is screwed up on the day I want to show the guys at work”. Normally in the garage I hear allot more but I guess it is just the echo effect. I really thought it was having a problem so I loaded up a pellet and shot it a few times, everything was normal ). The guys at the shop were really impressed and we spent about an hour goofing off shooting everything they could find in the shop that wouldnt be missed. Half full spray paint cans are pretty fun to shoot.

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