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    Gonna be a fun afternoon. :4: :8:



    Nice looking wood on it!


    quote miksatx:

    Nice looking wood on it!

    Thanks man, it’s even more gorgeous than I imagined. I cant believe how great the stippled pistol grip feels, just awesome. As can be seen on the unboxing photo PA did the 10 for 10 with RWS 7gr. All 10 were 1100+fps..

    Needless to say I’m not slinging 7 grainers, the gun seems to love most pellets but particularly favors the redesigned JSB Monster 13.43gr.. I was shocked to see how fast they still were dispite nearly twice the weight the 20 shot 2.8% ES string went from 905-929fps for a whopping 25 fpe at the muzzle! That’s a pretty damn hard hitting .17 at least in my world. All of today by the way was measured on full power on the selector, and from about 180-185 Bar fill. The valve clearly functions much better below 200 Bar leaving me to ponder what a spectacular result one may have with an Altaros regulator installed allowing for a much higher fill while still maintaining peak functionality…

    Absolutely whisper quiet with the Factory AA Qtec moderator, by far the quietest Air rifle I have ever shot let alone owned. Sighted in at what I thought was 37yrds for my optimum zero but after hitting it with the range finder I see it is zeroed at 39yd. From that distance the Monsters print about .25-.40 inch 10 shot groups all day.

    When I was ending my fun a dove perched at 42yds so since the kittens hadn’t eaten I sent a JSB to my specified coordinates and dispatched said bird in rather dramatic fashion… (when you see it)

    Kitties were pleased. It’s pretty accurate too :5:



    Wow, Nice looking gun and nice shot on the Dove.
    I am also venturing into the 177 world of PCPs with a new Vulcan.
    Reading all the UK guys points of view on the 177 and my old days with the 177 pumpers has me trying this OLD. New caliper



    Nice FM. I don’t think my fingers could handle those tinny pellets. It’s hard enough for me to pick up .22s. Good shot!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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