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    Working on a new idea. You know how high the scope is? If only you could get more room to get your eye on the scope.
    The pictures are of a 15 degree offset valve. It puts the tank on a 15 degree angle to the barrel. It will allow a lower scope mount or just more room for your eye.

    15 degrees may be too much?

    You are looking at a 2 inch diamerter 22 cubic inch tank in the pictures.
    The real target for this valve is my 4 inch diameter 68 cubic inch, 4500 PSI paintball tank.

    I used a 15 degree offset fixture, to produce the tank end of the valve.

    Of course the gun end threads have to be shimmed or cut to syncronise with the gun threads to make the tank point down. For this valve, I will trim the shoulder back untill the tank points down when fully screwed into the gun.

    The gun in the picture is my, homebuilt, 9 mm, 150 FPE, gun.


    These adapters have been done before by someone on the “old” forum. I used to have pics of it. He even offered them for sale I think but not many took him up on it. Why did you bring the port through the side of the threads and not just center drill it with your offset fixture?

    I have considered doing this mod myself. I already have a gladiator tank cover if I ever do as its useless to me now. I have also considered angling the bottle to the side, away from your face, instead of down. This would bring your whole face inline with the scope. This would require an offset buttplate and would not be ambidextrous though.

    Nice work though.



    Off set butt plate you say?


    LOL, yeah bud, that was the first thing I thought when I saw your mod. That and the one with the machined tank clamp. Both styles would lend to a side angled tank.


    The lower butt stock like Wok’s works great as well as the stock i made like this. Any of these options really add to a improved shooting position. I have Wok’s buttplate on now and it improves ons acuracy by not having to grip the gun so hard to get yor cheek down to eye level with the scope. Might be a guy could even go with shorter rings as well. Good idea mark but i would think the options mentioned above would be more cost effective, unless the angled valve is as eay to make as a standard inline one. Nice work as always.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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