Odered the TalonSS and extras today!


Got a few extra barrels a tri-rail and the bipod, pump, pellets, oh its going to be a fun next weekend!

Ordered through Steve at SS, great guy, shot the proverbial shit for a hour plus, looking for a delivery early next week. 😯

I decided on the 12″ and 18″ in .177 cal and he had an extra 12″ in .22 cal that I grabbed as well.

I am more of a paper puncher than a hunter so the .177 sounded like a good starting size, plus I can always swap out the barrels and go .22! I’m used to a Daisy POS so this should be a real treat!

Thanks Steve (@SSAirguns) and others who have helped, great forum all, thanks.


Talon/Talon SS

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JimW; You won’t believe the difference between the Daisy and the Talon. You will be pleased to say the least. You’re moving from a toy to a true weapon.

You’ll find a whole bunch of knowledgeable folks here. Each has their own area of expertice. Good folks all. AKULA

I also got my rig from SS, he’s great to deal with. If your used to daisies, man your in for a ride, i had a smile on my face the minute i openedhe box, i just looked at it for about 15 minutes. They are alot of fun to shoot, make it a one of a kind, setup for your needs/wants all in one unit. Any problems with it there are a bunch of helpful, knowledgeable folk who will help you with any situation. I payed for overnite i was so excited. Have fun with it.

Looks like you have it covered. I thin k you are going to like it.

Steve is a great guy isn’t he! Your going to have a bunch of fun swapping parts out LOL… post some pics and a shooting report when you get it.


You are going to have a blast. My fat chubby fingers dont do so well with .177 but they sure are cheap to shoot.

Keep us posted.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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