Now whats up with this ?

Today, I decided to shoot some different pellets through the new SS to see if anything else performs like the Kodiak heavies. Tried some Benjamin 14.3’s and RWS superdomes. Neither would group worth a crap, so I went back to the Kodiaks.

Prior to all this, the Kodiaks had been dead on ragged one-holers at 30 yds. After trying the other pellets, I started shooting the Kodiaks again and holy crap, they shot like crap too !!!! 30 yds I was getting a 3″ groups.

Took the gun all apart thinking maybe something had clipped a washer in the baffles and all looked good. Put washers back in with a 7/16″ hole instead of the 1/4″ washers that were in there, then looked through the barrel and all looked good. Drug a couple of patches through the bore and shot some more Kodiaks with the same 3″ grouping.

After 25-30 shots like this, it straightened out and is now again shooting like it should. What caused this to happen? I was beginning to question the AF scope that came with this one due to it being dead on shot after shot yesterday and going all to hell today. Still not 100% certain about the scope, but the shot groups coming back around after awhile has me puzzled.

Talon/Talon SS

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Clean that barrel then put some shots through it. It takes a few shots for the barrel to get accurate after cleaning. But is sounds like maybe loose screws and or dirty barrel.

Take out all baffles and shoot. That will quickly tell you if you are clipping.

i ran them shitty ass benjis through my gun also they grouped like crap too went back to the crosman prems,and was grouping like crap to.after half a tin was back to normal. i took the rest of the benjis,cleaned them in some brake cleaner twice,and they shot like they should,nice and tight.i think its the crap on the pellets,like their lubed and dirty as hell. if you wanna see how dirty they are straight out of the tin pour some in a white paper towel rool the ends up and shake the pellets around for 10 seconds then look at the towel.hope this helps

I see that nobody has responded to your post. Everyone is probably scratching their heads; like me. I have no idea what is going on with your gun but I do empathize. I know that when I was experimenting with the fender washer and spring thing, I hadn’t loctited the barrel retaining screws. They worked loose and my groups grew like a weed! In the course of things, I discovered that they had worked themselves finger loose. While I felt really stupid, I was relieved that it was something simple and easy to fix. Certainly good luck figuring it out. I look forward to your post of how you solved your problem and what kind of success your having. 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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