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    Hi All,

    Really, really quiet around here.  Great place to read and think.  As it turns out I’ve two Lelya 2.0’s in 22.  One I bought new, is a newer model and unaltered.  The second is an early gun with early attributes (see my other posts for the differences).  Second one seems to shoot “odd”.  Will get to that in a few days.

    Anyway, unlike the rest of the world that tries to see how fast a pellet or slug will fly, I’m satisfied shooting at paint balls from golf tees at 30 yards.  You don’t need a barn burner for that.  With that in mind I decided to find out a few things about the Lelya 2.0 going slow.  First, how slow can it go on the factory hammer spring. (Hammer springs are no fun to change on the Lelya).

    This test was done using the 14.3gr Crossman HP 22 pellets.  The gun is the “stock” factory Lelya 2.0 (later gun).  The thought was to shoot it down off the regulator with the HST set to minimum.  I figured the pellet velocity would peak and the measured resivour pressure just before the velocity peak would be a suitable minimum regulator pressure for the factory hammer spring/pellet combination.  Short answer:  It worked and there were some surprises.

    I’d heard of folks slowing down the 22 Lelya and had seen the chrono data.  This particular gun was shooting 380 fps!  I could hit stuff all day at 30 yards shooting at 380 fps?  Heck an R7 in 22 is faster than 380 fps.  Ok.  Now shoot it down off regulator and watch the curve.  Spoiler – I started at 140 bar and may have fired a few blanks to get the reservoir down to the peak velocity faster.  It was obvious it came off the regulator just below 125 bar.  I jumped right past 428 fps by 112 bar.  Kept climbing up until 70 bar at 622 fps.

    Someone mentioned to back off about 5% on velocity as a good set-point.  Ok.  622 minus about 30 is 600 or so.  In round numbers 80 bar appears to be the bottom end of the reg setting for this gun/pellet/hammer spring.  Any reg pressure lower and you will just be blowing air with the excessive hammer strike.

    Not wanting to mess with the near-new Lelya, I re-set the reg in the older Lelya to 80 bar using the assumption it was set to 125 bar and 60 bar/turn on the reg adjuster screw.  That would be 3/4 turn clockwise if my brain is functioning.  (Clockwise – an interesting concept about rotation that remains after our clocks no longer have hands.)

    I’ve not a reg tester yet.  I’ll have one soon.  It’s dark.  Tomorrow I’ll shoot the re-set reg gun down below the set-point and watch the velocity on the Chrono.  If the springs are about like the newer Lelya, I should see if come off reg at about 80 bar, 600 fps with a slight bump in the velocity.  Maybe.

    (Note to self: Make a de-gassing tool for the Lelya.  That ball and set-screw have already seen better days.   Need something to open the firing valve.)

    Nugria (ramblings)

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