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    I have the nomad compressor from air venturi it works great and i am happy with it
    I can fill tank on pellet gun to 3000psi and i can fill paintball tank to 4500psi 😛



    Nice, heard they’re made to top fill PCP directly, not to fill large SCUBA tanks.
    …….. which one did you get the Nomad or the Nomad II ?

    ~ Greg



    I have the nomad
    I have not tride to fill a scuba tank not yet



    You can always fill a scuba tank with a small compressor, but it must be done in small stages limited by minutes per fill and temperature of the pump.

    On mine, I never run the compressor more than 15 minutes straight, then I shut it off and let it cool down completely. Once topped off, just remember to refill the tank after every two or three pcp airgun recharges.

    The compressor doesn’t know/care how big the cylinder is it’s filling…it only knows heat, run-time, and backpressure. It would be no different than topping off two or three 1/2L pony bottles at carefully timed intervals.

    Uncle Hoot

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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