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No luck with with Nitro trail .22

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    So yesterday I was out varmint hunting on home owners property. (My wife is a house keeper, we live on property) I was directly above (8′) a woodchuck, that was eating lure bait from a HAH trap. It was not going all the way into the trap, because the trapper guy put the bait mostly towards the front of trap :suprisedn: I noticed that later. also the trapper puts black garbage bags around traps in case of skunk capture. So any ways I line up a shot as close to the the head, as i can see and between mesh spaces. I hit it, and thought it was convulsing after the shot but it was trying to turn around and get out of the trap. That’s when i saw the shot had only crippled its back legs as it was only able to drag itself by its front legs into the juniper bushes next to the trap. I was to late in reloading to get another shot off, thinking I had already made a kill shot. I looked for it for a good half hour but the growth of junipers was just to much to get trough. Going to get another Talon .25 and do the job proper for the next one.


    Oh and 14.3g crossman domes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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