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    Check these out. These shoot all the different nitro express rounds. They are double rifles, look like shotguns. The size of the barrel looks like a shotgun too. Expecially on the 700 nitro express guns.

    My favorite is the very bottom left gun. It’s a 700.

    Of course, once you get the gun, the ammo for the 700’s usually costs about 100 bucks per shell. That’d be an expensive day at the range. Shoot it ten times, you just spent $1000. But then again, if you can dish out the 80,000 bucks for the gun, ammo probably won’t affect you that much.


    The Bass Pro shop by me on it opening night sold a set of shotguns for $360,000 bucks…..I guess for some money is so much paper


    Here’s a video of the .700NitroExpress. The guy does not look like he is looking forward to firing that double-rifle. Knocks his hearing protection loose so you know his brain took a little somethin’.


    So how do I fill that with my scuba ?


    YN; Very carefully and from a safe distance. The next time I’m charged by a Rhino in SOCAL I’ll run out and buy one of these double rifles. Until then, I think I’m safe without a .700 Nitro Express. AKULA

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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