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    If I have a rifle with a scope (regular, not Nightvision) is there a way to add a second unit to it to turn it into Nightvision and then take it off again when I use the rifle during the day? The reason why I ask is that I don’t want to have a dedicated rifle for shooting things in the dark, but at the same time it would be impractical to swop out scopes on a rifle. So, what’s the best solution? I’m not looking for a perfect picture, just so long as I can make out a Crow sized animal at say 30 Yards.


    You can mount a regular Night Vision monocular behind the scope. I have done that and it works great with the Generation 3 I had.

    I’ve seen Gen 2’s and there is not much difference between 2 and 3 at Airgun ranges, but a big difference in price. Have never tried with a Gen 1 device, but Bones did with Yukon devices and had good results.. rat sized at past 30 yards, saw the pics and they were good.

    Google for “Yukon Monocular NVMT” for the cheap(er) Option. or a Mini-14 Gen 3 for the expensive option… (there are a few in betweens)

    I used a Gen 3 NAIT mounted to my scopes eyepeice with a section of rubber coupling.

    But your looking at around $250 for a Gen 1 Yukon that I KNOW works from Bones’ posts, or $700 for a Gen 2 NAIT, $1400 for a Gen 3 NAIT or $3000 for a Mini-14 Gen 3…. If your considering a Gen 3… just get the Gen 2, its around 90% of the Gen 3 for around half the price, but a Gen 1 will get you there easily.

    I’m in middle of restructing my photo album, will email some pictures tonight if I havent got them back up.


    Awesome. That’s what I was thinking: having the Nigtvision behind the regular scope. That’ll be great: I can mince around my house pretending to be SWAT!


    That seems sort of cool Ninja. Kind of the same concept as what I have done with my 6X Leapers scope in front of my C-700 Olympus Digital camera?
    That buddy of mine at work told me not too long ago that the corp issued a device that actually fit on the existing scope and that turned it into a night vision. Wish I could see those. And then I also wondered if it was made for one scope anyway. I think it might be better to just have a decent scope and then have a laser and a regular tactital light?
    My instincts sort of feel that way .
    If I mount a monocular behind my scope and I want to use the scope in the day I still need to maybe slide the scope back and resight it unless I can just move my head back to the monocular while it is on.
    Does it also make a difference on the size monocular we might buy and the size of the scope it will work with or that we will cheat with?
    Kind of like my diameters with my scopes and my Camera. Only the Leapers Bug buster works the way I want compared to the others mainly because of size and diameter of the eye piece and camera lens diameter.
    It just makes me wonder. I suppose it could work if one wanted to go through the trouble but I am just wondering if the regular light with a good scope is also going to do the same or be less trouble and actually work better for back yard 15 to 20 meter shots?
    God I wish we could find military issued gear or some cool stuff that they don’t sell the public for this. 😆 But it would cost thousands of bucks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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