I got a a talon ss a couple of weeks ago. While the accuracy of the 12″ was pretty good I had to justify spending this much money on the gun, I have several modded crossmans that will break 700-750fps with 14.5 cp’s. So i ordered a 24″ LW from pyramid and started tuning. By the way this is a 22 cal. gun. I have adjusted my top-hat to .071 which give me a shot spread of 7 fps for a course of 10 shots. If i fill the tank to 2800 psi the velocity does’nt start to max until i shoot about 25 rounds and from there i can shoot at least another 40 and the tank has about 1500 psi left at re-fill. I am now shooting beeman S.A.’s at 850, kodiak E.H. at 818 and Eunjin 28’s at 775. after all the playing and tuning I filled the tank to 2500 psi and only had to fire 2-3 rounds before the velocity came on. Is this about the norm? Should i just fill to 2800 and adjust the P.W. for about 25-30 shots and then drop it to the 7.5 I’m at now or what? At these velocities I’m ripping 3/8 to 1/2 ” groups with the above pellets at 30yds in a 15 mph crosswind, so I estimate even better accuracy when the wind subsides.

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