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    I have a RWS model 34 air gun but I am very intrigued by the Condor. I would very much love to get one and from what I read and researched the velocities this gun produces is not false.

    It is scary to think a .22 pellet can be propelled by air at that velocity and I am in the market to get a Condor in .22 caliber.

    I don’t have nor need a fancy SCBA tank to fill the air tank on the gun and was needing some clarification on the hand pump. I am a cyclist too and pumping up high pressure tires are no problem. I was wondering how many times roughtly you have to pump the hand pump to achieve 200 bars?

    I would like to get the gun naked and put a nice scope on it. What scope do you guys think is best and how much recoil does this gun have?

    Would it make a great gun for long range crow kills as well?

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions.


    I’m afraid the hand pump for a bike and the hand pump for the condor are two very different things. My neighbor has a “high pressure” pump for his racing bike. I believe it only pumps up to 250psi. The pump for the condor pumps up to 3000psi.

    Generally, to fill the tank up from zero, I have to pump about 500 times. Towards the end, it gets pretty tough. Of course, ideally you would only have to do that once. 🙂 Pumping the tank up from 2000psi takes around 50 pumps maybe. Its really not that bad. Considering that you are already used to a pump, it should be no problem.

    As far as scopes go, I like the leapers 3-9×50 and the 4-16×50. I would get the 4-16×50. Its 89.95 on pyramydair.

    The gun is good for crow kills at up to probably 80 yards. Mr-lama has a picture of a crow he killed last year.


    I own a TSS but can answer most your q’s if your going with a pump purchase a hills as they are rebuildable and reputed to be the best on the market. To pump or not to pump is covered somewhere, try and use the search feature, upper right corner.

    The condor has the power to reach out and touch, 100yds has been done. Your almost better off getting a .25 barrel for the Condor platform, it is that powerful. Its what alot of guys are doing with theirs.

    It is loud without a shroud, .22 rimfire loud. Little recoil as its driven by air vs. a spring or gas ram.

    Skies the limit on scopes, i like the leapers, some guys are really likeing the new centerpoint scopes from crosman. Both are very affordable for the features they have. You’ll want something Airgun rated Adjustable objective (AO) which will allow you to foucus close or far with no distortion. Side wheel AO would be preferable vs. on the front lense. Mildot recticle (eye piece) most prefer as it has built in over and under point of impact dots as well as a built in range finding capabilities. This is a whole other topic when it comes to scopes. Have a look around and see what catches your eye and ask away. Pyramid air or staight shooters would be good places to do some looking at for scopes. Both sites very imformative. Power somewhere around 6-24 or 6-32 x 40 or 50/56mm lense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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