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    Kind of. When I set out to build what has now become my .357 lead slinger, it was originally a 6mm. Only reasons I made that change were that I wanted a .357 and couldn’t wait, a good .357 airgun barrel was made, and pellets are more easily come by than cast boolits- as I was/am still not quite set up for casting yet.

    So sat my 6mm barrel… alone. With no project to call home. I had used very nearly EVERY part slated for the 6mm on the .357 build. They are the same build essentially- just 2 different calibers. So what to do? I’m not selling the 6mm barrel, as it was from a special test run in conjunction with another airgunner from the Great White North.

    Well, I’ve found myself re-watching Ced’s videos on his .17 HMaiR build… I love it’s simplicity and it’s an awesome build!! But I don’t want a .173… The bulb had gone off. “Simple 6″ was born…

    Basic rundown of parts:

    – Cothran Valve
    – MDS Hammer*
    – 18mm O.D. CF barrel shroud*
    – Hill enlarged gauge block
    – Hill PEEK striker*
    – TSS kit*
    – RAW trigger blade*
    – 2024 Aluminium main tube, 29″ long*
    – Boyds Pro Varmint stock

    Goal is 120 fpe with a 28″ barrel. I’ll update as I go. I’m probably not going to deviate too much from this, as that 2024 main tube is expensive!!

    Everything marked with a ” * ” is either on-hand or ordered.

    I still will need to:
    Modify the factory bolt and breech
    Fit the breech and main tube together and have a TP made
    Barrel work

    All of which can be done at the same time, but it still takes time. I’m projecting having this rifle all together and sending lead downrange around spring time- maybe even early summer…


    Changed up the plan a bit. This is going to be a bottle converted Marauder. I’ve just sent off the barrel, breech, bolt and main tube to be modified as needed. I’m shortening the barrel down to 24″… I’ll have to up the output pressure of the reg so this won’t be as efficient as it could be… But I’m really only losing a few shots. Not that big of a deal. I have a 500cc 4500 psi CF tank to go on this build, so I’m not too worried about it.

    This build will be going into my RAI chassis, which will be shared across 3 builds. This one, my .357 and my .25 slug gun. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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