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    Got a call from AF to confirm if my Condor is a .22 or .177 so that the correct spring can be installed in my new HF valve. That was a bit of a surprise to me because I didn’t know there is a difference. I thought one just switches different caliber barrels, no?


    The .177 spring will be a bit stiffer to keep the velocity from being WAY too high.

    This is a LOT better than how it used to be…. EVERYONE got a .177 spring in their Condor .22 or .177 whether they liked it or not and that caused people a LOT of fill and low power problems.

    They did this to satisfy certain overseas and legal market’s that made .177 the only caliber they could sell, and then becase they were lazy they just shoved that spring in there on all the Condors (some early condors did slip out with the right spring).

    This is part of some peoples negativity towards Tom Gaylord… While we had TONS of people who couldnt fill 3000, or even 2800 psi and were having to fill to around 2000 psi to get the gun to shoot, and even then it was NO WHERE NEAR advertised specs – If you called or emailed Air Force you would get a response from Gaylord along the lines that your Chrony AND your fill guage was wrong and that the gun was working fine.

    So they basically cut the balls of the gun they were trying to sell to their home market… Made in the USA… (But screw you guys, as Eric Cartman would say) just to make the gun more desirable elsewhere in .177 markets.

    Its Great that they are finally doing it right….

    Methinks this is also why Gaylord doesnt like Forums and those “Kitchen table mechanics”… He likes the guys who tune their own springers or multi pumps, but when it comes to Condor’s stay away from all that BAD advice on the forums… Just happens that it was the forums that spread the word and explained to people exactly what the problem with their gun was….


    RIght ON YN!……

    Gaylord hate me….lol

    I exposed his Pellgun debacle and in his nervous breakdown felt he needed to expose that he was BB Pelletier….Ive been boy 😈

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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