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I don’t know if this has been covered yet but I just got off the phone with AF. I bought a new Condor in June of this year. I have not had the chance to shoot it yet, not even put air in the tank. I have read about the new valve developed by AF for the Condor so I called them with my serial number. The lady informed me that my serial number BC01773, has all the new upgrades. Including the valve and new barrel bushings, delrin to alum. I don’t know, I have not even had it apart yet. I was told that you could tell if you had the new valve by the markings on the brass part of the valve ( the part that screws into the tank ). If there are two milled or punch marks oppsite each other on top of the brass, then it is the new valve. According to AF, this address’es the fill prob. I don’t have any pic’s to post but mine does have these marks so hopefully when I do get a chance to play, there will be no drama. I did not ask anything about what serial number started the new upgrades, sorry but if yours is later than mine, AF says you should be good to go..

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Hey Slim,
Welcome to the TAF..

Sounds like you have the new valve…

You can see the difference here.

Thanks for the info. Some guys had asked before how to tell.. and the general thought was that the machined top meant it was the new valve… But we werent sure and some people (like me) thought they had seen milled brass bits in the past, I guess not and its my imagination playing up again.

Thanks for clearing that up !!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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