New Theoben Rapid .25 (R25)

Finally decided to get me a Theoben Rapid in .25. When Steve at Pamona Airguns called and told me the gun was in, i was excited as hell and i wanted to take off work to go pick her up. But instead, i told steve i would travel down that weekend to his place to pick up the gun personally. Did not want the BROWN SANTA to mess this 1 up or loose it. Plus, he is only 65 miles from me. He said “OK, COME ON DOWN, I WILL BE HERE”. I finally got to Steves place and man, his house is in the middle of JACK RABBIT HEAVEN (high desert)……HE HE. He greeted me at the door and we began to talk. He took me through to his SHOP/WORK GARAGE..etc. What a cool shop he has. No, not the store where you buy his guns and stuff (he closed that down due to all his business is now internet friendly). I saw a couple of his SHROUDS that he was installing on a few rapids and i was just in awe!!. I wanted to touch and play with everything in his shop. There were pellets and carbon fiber scuba tanks and airguns and tools everywhere. He also builds RC planes and cars and he also is rebuilding a old NISSAN 280 Z which is putting out 400 horses. OK OK, enough about the toys and back to the story at hand….HE HE. He is a really cool guy and has a lot of good knowledge about airguns. After 2 hours of talking i finally realized that i had to be home for a wedding. So after going over my gun and how to use it i paid him, sadly, i left. Steve also told me that i could have borrowed 1 of his scopes and put it on my gun and do a little JACK hunting if i wanted to. I darn near cried cause i had to refuse cause i was late getting home. But my sadness was quickly gone, once i remember…..”MY RAPID IS HERE”.

So, enough about me and STEVE getting all BUDDY/PALY. Here is what you guys wanna see 😀

The New Rapid 25 in free gun case-

The R25 with all the accessories to get me started. Gun, Carbon Fiber Scuba tank with adapters, 220 Swifts Valve parts, Bushnell Banner 6x24x40mm scope with scope covers, and 2-12 shot magazines-

Pics of Swifts parts. New parts-

New vs. old parts pics-

Swifts new bolt handle installed-

Gun all together. Notice the NEW scalloped receiver-

By the way, SWIFT or ERNIE is a guy from another forum who does great machine work for these guns. Here are more pics of his quick fill connection work. Without the QUICKFILL, you have to remove the bottle everytime you refill. IT SUCKS having to remove the bottle everytime you refill. Not as easy as on the AIRFORCE GUNS.

Brass insert fitted inside of stock forearm:

Notched stock for power adjustment on the FLY (why doesn’t Theoben do this??):

Quick Fill parts:

Parts installed into gun and gun assembled:

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Congrats Tofaz! looking forward to hearing more about your new baby.


J3M, yes, yellow ninja is 100% correct. In the 3rd to last pic, there is 2 pieces there, the quick connect fitting and the brass thimble that releases the quick connect setup. Simple but kinda ingenious i think.

Airtramp. The factory set power is 40 ft lbs which translates to about 770 fps with .25 KODIAKS and yes, the LDC is the infamous VORTEX moderator. It is EPOXIED (permanent) on the barrel from the UK FACTORY and not Steve at pamona AG’S. As far as the report goes, ummm, it’s not SHROUD SILENT but, it is quiet enough that i can shoot it in my garage at home and not worry about neighbors hearing it too much. And, i will have to post numbers some other time but, i do have it up to about 920-930 FPS with Kodiaks up from the 750+ i was getting when i brought her home. I have completly gone through the gun already man….HE HE…..DON”T TAKE ME LONG WHEN I GET A NEW GUN.

thats one lovely gun mate i bet u have fallen in love with it already ya lucky sod 😀

Hi Tofazfou, Great pics. Just like seeing the gun up close. The build quality is quite obvious. Not too many OEM .25 caliber airgun choices out there. What is the designed muzzle energy? Is that an original factory muzzle brake? Wondering how loud the report might be. Please post an update after you have spent some time with it.

AHHHHH…I see says the blind man….very nice gun…

Great job Tofazfou and thanks for the pic’s with show & tell. 😀

J3, They come with a brass sleeve that fits around the QF and extends outside past the stock allowing you to pull to disengage it.

maybe it’s just me but how do you disengage the QD in that tiny hole…my fingers would’nt fit in there….

Nice Tofu !!

I’ve handled a rapid but didnt get to shoot it (gun show)…. was an older model rebranded by Beeman, but it certainly seemed a nice rifle.

Ernie/Swift is on http://www.airgunadvice.net right? He’s the one who helped SP/Condorman up the power on his .25 Rapid IIRC.

Anyway, Nice gun! and its always good to hear positive experiences with another airgunner, especially one also in the retail side.

RC planes eh….. see any helicopters?

THANX WK. Well, I did not do anything special to ERNIE like threaten him or anything but, I DID TELL HIM I KNEW WHERE HE LIVED. More than once…..HE HE.

Naaaah, when i talked to him he said that he had like 4 other guns to do and mine was second in line. But he quickly needed to get them all done. And it helps to also live here in cali with ernie. Makes shipping really fast. 2 days from his door to mine.

That is fantastic. It took awhile to get but you sure have it set up nice. How did you get the quickfill done so fast.

You are never looking back now. 😛

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