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    I had an o-ring out of place inside the female foster fitting on one new hose. Had to replace it as it got pinched bad but it works now.


    the numbers off the tank hose that did not fit my probe is H.P06-15
    The numbers off the one that did fit my probe is 12fss
    Make any since to anyone else?
    I got a two week trip planed up in Taos N. M. area so I need my little tank working perfect….
    Its going to be a jeep thing , so I will be in the middle of nowhere , I hope…..
    Have to take the 22 as the 25 will not fit the AR 15 type gun case with the condom on it….
    And yes I did pack the bear spray…..


    Well I have not been 100 % happy with my little Air venturi tank, It only fills my crickets to about 180 bar, The bleed off valve is a total waste of air, It sounds like I have a 30 foot hose as mush air as I loose taking the fitting off the gun,,, I always think what a waste of air,,,
    I just did the two washer fix , and that’s when things went wrong when I tried to air the tank up, I popped the blow off valve and striped the screw.
    Pissed off I called Joe and ordered the whole top set up for a 4500 PSI carbon tank, Valve gage, Hose and all to replace the stock Venturi stuff,
    Its the same set up I have on the great white tank,
    Hell I have wasted more money on break barrel guns than this,,,,,
    I will get a picture up when I get it in.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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