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Got to shoot my new Talon SS in 177 for the first time today..All I can say is HELL what a gun…Four shots and was zero…all other shots all in one hole..Every group after that all in one hole…HELL what a gun…Shooting 9 yards,all the room I got…This gun makes me look good…Wasted all that time on spring guns….Cant belive how this gun shoots…Crosman lights and Tasco 6x24x42…power on 6>5…Dark side is fun…Don

Talon/Talon SS

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Thanks Cygnus X. Your squirrel videos, and the posted excerpts from the AF DVD convinced me to purchase my SS. The cool group of people on this forum also convinced me further.


45 or 50 cal only .05″ difference….you can get samme ammo weight in both calibers and when we are talking big .05″ isnt not much of a difference in my book, and i would go for power…the wound channel is going to be the same, but the 45 extra fpe is going to make the difference if you strike bone in the .45 cal

wonder why noone has tuned thse koreans for real to take them into 300 fpe territory….the slayer seems like it would be the deal with the lever action and all….i hear of small power increases like 250ish fpe…but nothing really amazing like 350+, maybe theres something in there i dont know about thats hard to work on or just plain crap that cant take any modding ❓

the .45 might have a problem with the brass breech tube, as you increase power this tube might start to expand 😯

my video….i will post in the for sale section when its ready, think i found a way to make it ok in dvd players…and have pc content on the same disk as well…. 😈

Cogratulations Don! Isn’t it great to have more power than most springers at a fraction of the weight? And the Talon SS is just so cool! This is a great group of guys who will answer any questions you may have. Have fun, be careful.

Cygnus X, how do I get a copy of your squirrel videos? I was disappointed, but not surprised that they were removed. I hope that the animal rights people don’t come after you. They think that you should give the squirrels your house and go sleep in a tent. Funny, you never see them give up their homes to the critters. Things that make you go hmmm.

quote Cygnus X:

isnt the slayer a downgrade compared to the .45 ?

Well, technically yes. The fps isn’t as high, but it is a bigger bullet and is still powerful enough to take down a deer or 150 lb pig. There’s just something about having a .50 cal airgun thats downright cool! 😀

isnt the slayer a downgrade compared to the .45 ?

Don; Remember. a tool for every purpose. Today I was unpacking and cleaning my guns from my recent elk hunt with my high power rifles.

A crow alit across the street and started cawing. I let it go for a while, but when other crows landed in the tree across the street I’d had enough. I picked up my scoped Condor (NOT the 30.378 WBY) and shot it dead. The other crows went crazy. They circled and crowed for another ten minutes. I was in my garage and the report from the kill shot was no more than opening a soda can. The impact was another matter. At least the impact may have drawn attention from my position. I couldn’t guarantee a back stop for another shot with the Condor. I passed on further shots with that weapon.

If I could have accessed my .177 Anshutz (absolutely silent and deadly accurate with lower power), at least another would have met its end.

Bottom line; Find the guns you like. Use’m for what they were meant for. Be sure of your back stop and let the lead fly. A tool for every use.

Oh, it only starts with .177. Wait till you get a .22 barrel for it or even a .25. Then you’ll be punching some real holes in stuff! After that, you’ll want a 9mm pcp…. then a .45 like the 909 and finally get a Career Dragonslayer .50 or even a DAQ. Muwahahahahahaha! 😈 Welcome to the Darkside Don!

Naw sell your springers…Rob will buy em. He is waiting for the Apocalypse and has a cache of weapons….Dont ya Rob?

Congrats on the new gun…. dont sell off the springers just yet though…. The point of airgunning isnt to enjoy what you are shooting, it’s to collect as much shit as humanly possible…… 😆

If you want that springer shooting feeling back, just have someone punch you in the shoulder while shooting your talon…lol

I agree with YN. I’ve gotten rid of all my springers but my match Anschutz pistol and rifle. These are now relegated to the safe as relics. AKULA

Glad your enjoying your new gun Don. I’d have a hard time buying another springer after having PCP’s…. Especially considering what they cost these days.

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