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New Talon SS Arrived, WOW!

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    To be honest the first time I saw the Talon/Condor line I thought, no way would I be able to justify spending $450+ on an air rifle. Well I did some research and noticed that $450 isn’t all that much if you start looking at match rifles and single hole shooters. 😯 $4500 would be a good starting point with competition rifles.

    When compared to typical ammo pellets are dirt cheap and with a pump you get an infinite supply of ‘gunpowder’. So it has benefits over your typical rifle that can nearly justify the price in ammo alone. That isn’t even considering the quiet ‘slap’ compared to the obvious gunfire ‘crack’ when fired. You can shoot it in your house if you want and the police won’t be showing up in pairs. 😆

    I’m a target shooter and a ballistic tester when it comes to rifles. I love to fish but just can’t hunt, unless of course I needed food, then it’s no issue. Learned to skin and process a multitude of animals before I was 15, my neighbors in Maine were serious hunters and I would go out all the time with them to carry game and ammo.

    So after two 5 minute pumping sessions the needle read about 2800psi and during the 15 minute break I attached the bipod, tri rail and the scope. I was getting roughly 50 pumps a minute and I was surprised it took only 2 sessions to get the tank near the 3000 mark… 😀

    Is it OK to dry fire these rifles? I thought I read it was…

    Spun up the power wheel to about 8, put in a Kodiak heavy and prepped the backstop released the safety and plugged a piece of VG fir plywood at about 15′. Smack, one noise and the back of the plywood was punched out with the front of the pellet at the back surface of the plywood. Damn Daisy wouldn’t even go through a piece of cdx 3/8″ ply… Removed the pellet to find it almost a perfect sphere when compressed by the ply. The Talon packs a pretty powerful punch, I was impressed.

    So today after work it gets sighted in and cycled a few times for good measure.

    Here she is…

    So for all those on the fence asking: Is it worth it? You bet your ass it is!!! 😉

    So, like a true newbie I naturally have a few questions…

    Dry firing, ok or no ok?

    Bringing the rifle and tank to higher elevations? If it is full will it burst the disc? Say up to 3000ft-3500ft from sea level?

    Is the bipod supposed to swing back a forth and if I make it less swingy is that ok?

    And finally…

    The small o-ring at the adapter to the pump, is it better to leave this compressed or to remove the adapter from the pump base after each use?

    The tophat is set at 2.795mm or 0.111″ is this normal…?

    Big thanks to Steve at SS Airguns for the excellent rig and big thanks to A266, WOK, YN and TT for this generous and informative forum!

    JW (synopsys)

    Formally JimW.


    Sure you can dry fire it as long as there is air in the tank. You can tighten up the bipod the swing back and fourth allow you to adjust your cant while shooting.

    Now you need to put some spacers and 1″ fender washers in there to quiet the thing down

    Have a good time and dont cut your self or anything else on the sharp edges of that tri rail.

    Wooohoooo…funtimes ahead.


    Hey, Jim, looks like Adam answered some and missed some, maybe I can fill in some blanks. Higher elevations should be okay, but if in doubt, shoot it down a bit first, then refill when you get there. I’m too lazy to pump, so no help there :-). .111″ seems a bit high, I’d back it down to .070 or so for starters. Should quiet it down some, and get more shots for the same power. If you don’t have a chronograph yet, you’ll want to get one, these rifles almost require one to get the most out of them. Oh, and forget the “power” in power wheel. You’re power adjustment is at the top hat, the power wheel adjusts your hammer spring preload. Again, you need a chrony to zero in on this, but you want the hammer to strike the valve with the same force every time. Too high, and you just beat up the gun, too low, and you can get big velocity variations. Good luck, and have fun.



    Thanks Adam and Dave, chrony is getting ordered next week, I do have the softchrony downloaded I may try it out in the mean time…

    Trying…..not….to…..leave……..early…….must…..resist….urges….to…..shoot…..paper….. 😈



    Congratulations! I just got mine a week ago and am thrilled with it. I removed the end cap just to hear the difference. Wow! That thing is loud without it! Mine is very quiet from the factory; lucky me.

    Yes, thank you to all of the experienced shooters who share their knowledge and experiences.


    higher elevations will do nothing.
    if from sea level at 3kspi and you went to 10k ft the pressure will only read 2995psi so…. dont freak out…


    Jim ,when you become accustomed to that rifle, you’ll find it hard to miss the target. They have quirks ,like most air/powder burners.Spend a little time with it ,you’ll love it,and hey! it can be fired in many places powder burners are major taboo. Enjoy yourself. By the way, I’m the only knowledgeable one on this forum,if you don’t believe it, ask me! lol Good luck and happy shooting. Terry


    Enjoy your rifle. You’re gonna have a “blast” with that one, no pun intended, though I meant that both literally and figuratively!


    Jim , my 8yr.old daughter sits on a stool (for height) holds my Condor to her shoulder,with the bipod sitting on a table (old metal typewriter desk) .She grips the hand grip in her right hand, and lays her left fingers across the top of the tank, almost touching her chin. The first time I looked around and saw how she was holding ,I thought dam! she looks like a sniper. The little girl never got to the part to where I was supposed to show her how to hold the weapon. She is a natural. She has put more than a few adults to shame,it’s like she can’t miss! I bought her a custom shop Crosman 2400 to check out her offhand! Mercy! on the little bastards messin with that girl! She is a natural! Sorry about to story , but everyone loves a smooth shooting rifle.


    Nice !

    I’m glad you put your old username at the end.. confused the heck out of me how there was a new guy with 40+ posts to his name I’d never heard of before…

    Its raining here so I cant get out with my new gun 🙁


    When you get your chrony, set what power wheel setting allows you the most velocity with any given pellet. I suspect that with any pellet in the 12 to 15 gr range, a setting of 6 is all you’ll be able to use. Any more and the velocity will be the same and you’ll just waste air.

    I shoot Crosman Premiers (14.3 gr) with a power wheel setting of 5 these days. Get all the velocity I can that way, don’t waste any air and can get about 35 to 40 shots before I need to top off the tank.


    synopsys nice one you have there 😀 . I’m in the bay area too. you should come to my clubs airgun shoots it’s NOCASA at Diablo Rod and Gun Club.

    quote photo22:

    synopsys nice one you have there 😀 . I’m in the bay area too. you should come to my clubs airgun shoots it’s NOCASA at Diablo Rod and Gun Club.

    NOCASA?….you dont say?

    Tell BMUS, I said Hey….LOL, then watch out for the rush to the meds…lol

    I hear is a nice guy in person 😉


    NOCASA?….you dont say?

    Tell BMUS, I said Hey….LOL, then watch out for the rush to the meds…lol

    I hear is a nice guy in person :wink:[/quote]

    He’s OK. We shot a match today. This is my first year with the club and most of the guys with Gamo’s are gone….LOL After BMUS gets his say in…LOL.


    BMUS is a nice guy, at least over email. He’s been very helpful to me on a couple of occasions.

    Found this to be the case with a few folks. Some feel the need to put on a facade when on the Internet, while some are just as nasty in person as they are in cyber world. Still others just dont communicate well in text form.

    /end thread jack.. haha

    Congrats again on that SS!

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