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    Do I need to take out valve assm.
    how long is bottle , wt, cc cap. will other butt stock fit? What do I do on my end or will it be a screw in replace for factory bottle/valve/gauge etc.
    thank you


    Com-on has no one wanted a p bottle for the escape that was lighter but had more air!?. Why waste the space between butt pad and current bottle. Include a valve assm and a tuned top hat valve etc. NO interest ? direct replacement . :3:


    All complete tank and valves are replaceable with all Air Force rifles except the edge


    But the wt. of the bottle. I really like the idea of a carbon fiber type bottle that was made for the escape , sorry I did not clarify, my mind goes faster then fingers, (Getting old) I have a escape with the gauge/filler on the bottle and was looking for a longer one but lighter to replace it. I was told it would only take a P model bottle and so far no luck on a carbon fiber, ref: weight. Thank you for the reply. The escape must be a niche market but I really like mine and a higher psi/ cc bottle would increase the shot count and maybe reduce wt. An option of a direct swap would make it easy for my dense noggin.


    theres a composite option and you can buy the butt pad sleeve separately. im not sure how much weight they are together but 400 500cc option definetely good for shot count. i use luxfer 400cc with regulator. to me weight is not the problem as it compensate the front. i shot from standing position a lot so balance is more for me. cheers


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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