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    The shroud adapter I was using was made from a guy at my work I had to bribe to make for me. It served its purpose but it was sort of crudely machined even though it was by cnc. Think he used a dull cutter or something. Anyway, DonnyFL got me an early adapter he had in the works for the P-rod and it arrived today. I quickly opened the package and unscrewed the one I was using to compare the two.

    Donny’s machining work is nice and smooth and the blackening is even. Knurling is professionally machined and everything threads together smoothly. No rough spots whilst screwing. The anodized black is less conspicuous and gives an overall cleaner look to my Prod. The adapter’s thread protector cover is nice should I ever decide to remove the LDC and go “naked”. …though I’m not sure I’d ever want to do so. The cover is provided either way.

    I didn’t realize Donny had updated his website to include new shroud adapters and it also shows he’s got some new LDC’s coming down the pike.

    Anyway, here are some pics…

    Old raw aluminum vs Donny’s anodized.

    Male member ready to accept the female orifice.

    Thread protector screwed on.

    Sumo back on the P-rod.

    Looks like he’s got a shroud adapter for the Taipan Mutant/Veteran now as well, also one for the FX Impact I believe. I got mine from TalonTunes already for my Veteran but one can now get one straight from Donny when you shop for an LDC.

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