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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to say hi as i’m a newbie here. A bit about me i’m 24, a medical student (US Intern) and live near newcastle, UK. I go to uni in Liverpool where unfortunately i don’t get any opportunity to shoot :-(. While i’m at home i do the rabbit control over 300 hectares of nature reserves.

I’ve had a few rifles since childhood including weihrauch springers, theoben gas ram and an air arms S200 but i sold them all on and currently have a falcon FN12 lighthunter. I’ve just bought a gunpower stealth (? i’m not sure which airforce model that translates over as ?) and i’m going to customise it quite a lot. On the cards are:
1) Set laminate grips
2) New hammer and spring assembly
3) possibly a new top hat
4) One of my own custom carbon fibre silencers. I’m pretty handy at making these. Basically it’s 30mm carbon tube with internals consisting of washers, hair curlers and soundproofing felt. I have one on my falcon and it’s far quieter than the standard weihrauch silencer. If anyone is interested i have a couple of photos of it in pieces that i could post in the baffles section.

I’m sure i’ll be reading lots of your invaluable advice over the next few months.


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Hi Bodhisdad. Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, the aluminium caps are made on a lathe but i can’t claim the work i’m afraid. They’re done by a guy on the airgun bbs that goes by the name of elmor fudd. His work is top notch. I’ll stick a post in the other area when i’ve got the end caps through for the stealth and show you what that looks like. They’re fairly long silencers at nearly 300mm with both end caps on but do the job very well at 12ft/lbs.

Welcome and thanks for the picts.

Looks great. 😀

Nice work, i really like the look. Welcome to the forum, always good to see new ideas and talent.
Please by all means post this in the mod, shroud area as well, always looking for fresh ideas and this is a good example of what i’ve used and know to work well. Easy to baffle a TSS just like this.
I have found by using hardware cloth (metal screen, 1/8″,1/4″ mesh), rolled on a 1/4″ or 5/16″ rod, to make a really good baffle as well. Basicly the same configuration as yours, only the mesh in place of the haircurlers and felt. I’ve also used PVC piping in place of the hair curlers. Drilled with as many 1/8″ holes as i could. Here in the US we don’t have that power restrictions as you do. Once i got above 40fpe the felt/hairculrers start to distort with all the extra pressure. So something more stable like the PVC or the heavy metal mesh works for me, very well. Your caps and adapters look really good. I’d guess you used a lathe for those parts?

Here are a couple of photos of the silencer arrangement i have on my falcon. The green silencer in the picture is a weihrauch one. I’m having some ends machined to sit the talon ss thread to make up a silencer for my ss. I’ll post pics of that when i have all the pieces.

And put together…

The schematics:

Obviosuly for a stealth the 1/2″ UNF thread would need to be changed for a stealth thread (not sure what the dimensions are) The carbon tube has an inside diameter of 26.5mm


I would be interested in some photos of your device.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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