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    Hi guys! I just grabbed a .22 Maverick Sniper and Element Helix scope from TalonTunes (Thanks Tony!) and I am having some setup woes. I am a noob to the FX airguns, but have owned Airforce Airguns for almost 2 decades.

    Let’s try and segment these issues with numbering. I would appreciate responses in the same manner, please and thank ya! 🙂

    • Issue # 1: Fine Tuning – What are the best reg pressures for shooting 25 grain NSA slugs at like 950?
      • Can a stock Maverick even shoot 25 grainers at 950? I feel like this should be possible!
      • I started with 180/150 bar reg pressures as I’d seen from 68 Whiskey and others. I could not get it to shoot even close to 900. I have my hammer adjustment out as far as it will go. Any further and I cannot cock the hammer on the “7” setting.
        • Suspected I was overpowering my hammer spring with too much pressure. Reduced rear reg from 150 to like 110 achieving 920fps. Better.
        • I suppose now I need to reset my front reg to like 150?
        • Please advise best tuning settings (Regs, Hammer, etc) for 25gr slugs. Would ideally like to hit 950 all day and never adjust it again.


    • Issue #2: Check Valve
      • I removed my tank and lost all my air. Check valve not working
      • Doesn’t seem to leak air when on the gun
      • Looks like a special tool is needed to remove the valve. How are you guys removing the valve from FX tanks?
      • I really don’t want to bother Tony on this or wait for shipping – I am a paintball tech of like 20 years so I am capable of doing this and likely have the seals, just need a few pointers on getting the check valve off the tank. Yes, I did watch the Airbuks video on this, but I don’t have access to a steel laser cutter to make the tool that he has.


    • Issue #3 – MY BIGGEST ISSUE – Scope out of adjustment range, cannot zero!
      • OK, so I have the Element Helix sitting on Vortex Extra High 1.54″ 30mm mounts
      • Everything is torqued to spec and I leveled the scope properly using my Wheeler levels
      • Front ring is on the very first pic rail slot, rear is 5 or 6 slots forward from the rear
      • at 50 yards, with the scope at the zero setting out of the box my POI is like 32 MOA low!!
        • OK, fine, so I go to adjust it and run out of adjustment on the elevation turret. As you can imagine, not being able to adjust any further UP is totally useless.
        • I have not messed with the zero stop, but I believe that only affects the downward travel of the elevation turret for returning to zero after dialing up. Correct me if I am wrong.
        • I ordered some FX No Limit scope mounts from Tony yesterday in case that is what’s needed.
      • Am I doing something wrong here? Is the scope messed up? I have never seen something like this in all my years shooting.


    Any help here would be very extremely highly appreciated!! 🙂


    Thanks in advance, guys!


    Update – Check valve magically fixed itself. I think maybe the pin was just a little crooked or something. All good now. Tried removing it several times and no more leaking! Yay!

    The other two items remain (Fine tuning and zeroing issue)

    As far as the fine tuning, running 160/110 and I’, launching 25 grainers at like 925fps. Decent. But maybe I need the slug transfer port to get 950-1000FPS w/25 grainers?

    Any help on the last two items would be great! Thanks in advance!


    I’ve figured out my velocity issues and understand that if I want to shoot higher weight (25gr+) pellets/slugs at around 1000 I need a heavier hammer. So no worries there. Also I removed my barrel and saw that I do have the dual “S/P” transfer port. Cool!

    My major, major issue with this gun is that it is shooting WAY low. My plan was to slap a red dot as well as an old Tasco scope I had laying around on it and see if I had to come up a ton on each of those also to get on target.

    OK so I got out at lunchtime to do a bit of shooting and experimentation today. All shooting done at 25 yards. Here are my results: 

    Red dot: This was taken off a .22LR AR pistol, zeroed for that gun at 2.6″ over bore. Slapped it on the Maverick and I had to come up like 25 MOA to get on target with the Maverick…..Hmmm. Something is fishy.

    Tasco scope: This was my old Talon SS scope, zeroed for that rifle right around the same height over bore as it sits on the Maverick. I had to come up like 35MOA, just like the Element, when I mounted it on the Maverick. WTF. I was able to get it zeroed in like the upper 3rd of the elevation turret. Very fishy here as well because the Maverick is supposed to have a built in 20MOA on the rail….

    So then I took off the barrel. I discovered I do have the Ernest Rowe S/P transfer port. Cool! So I 180’d the barrel to the “S” port thinking maybe that would help, and give me a little extra velocity. Remounted the Helix. 35-40MOA low when the scope is optically centered. Still shooting way, way low.

    Sanity check: I mounted the Helix on my Talon SS – optically centered – and had to come up like 20 MOA to get on target! WTF

    I want to chuck the whole new Element/Maverick setup off a cliff!!  😡😡😡😡😡😡


    At this point I don’t know if it is the gun, the optic, or both. Seeming like the gun, but why is the Element having to come up a whole 20MOA on my Talon SS when optically centered? What the hell am I going to do with this thing? I just spent a ton of money on this setup and it absolutely SUCKS and is useless. I saved for such a long time to get this, my frustration level is through the roof…. And then the M3 comes out a day after I receive this…

    I left Tony a message today. We will see if he calls me back. I’ve never had this level of buyers remorse in my life…

    Please help!


    Tony hit me back. Apparently a lot of Mavericks have been coming with NO cant in their rail…. I used some levels to determine that mine is one of those. Email sent to FX…. Hopefully they send me a new rail with the advertised 20MOA cant….


    Sounds like you were on your way my man it’s a great shooting rifle..

    Thanks for reaching out.


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