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First let me say that you have a great forum here with very good info!

My name is Filipe and I’m from Portugal, Europe.

Now, about guns, I own a very special HW97K, an HW40 and a Gamo PT80.
The HW40 is good for plinking and is some modifications, as well as the PT80 (nice piece of crap!).

This is my baby:

Fully tuned HW97K .177 chromed with Venom kit and some genious modifications from a friend of mine that completely killed the recoil and twang (if you want some info I can write a very big detailed post sometime).
It had a Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24×40, that I regret every day for selling it.
Now equipped with a BSA 3-12×50.
I had an “electronic tsunami” in my personal computer πŸ˜† and lost every photo I had, but I can assure you that using this gun you can be all day shooting a target through a 1/4″ hole. By the way is 12fpe, my FT rig.

But just like everything good comes to an end I got tired of FT and springs and started saving money for my first PCP.

Next week I’ll get my used AA S410 .22 Xtra FAC πŸ˜† now that’s talkin!
It belongs to my friend that tuned my HW.

Here’s a pic of it:

It had a trigger job, vinyl coating in the bottle and an aluminum end cap.

Since I can’t have any stock gun, I’m already makin the contacts do start mod’in it. In first place if I can get a hold of it, a LW 28″ .22 16mmOD choked barrel (tryin to get Lothar Walther to make me one since they do special requests), if not I’ll get a 24″ and a nice sound moderator (threaded). Already working on a future BR/Varmint walnut stock. Versa-pod bipod ready to attach. And thinking in one of those chinese 10-40×60. Power is the last issue in my list (but obviously no excluded!).

I can´t talk with my friend about the new barrel, if knew I’m going to “ruin” is baby he would grab it and shoot me πŸ˜†

So I wanted to know your opinion about the swap to a new barrel, either the 28″ or 24″. Can I expect better accuracy? More power I’ll certainly gain.

Since I don’t want to bother you more this I’ll post a video, maybe some guys have seen others don’t.
Polish nut shooting bottles at 150 and 200m with a AA S410 Xtra FAC

(browse his other vids)

I’ll post some pics one I get my S410 😈

Good shooting!

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A friend made me an offer to change my HW97K for his Gunpower Storm plus the some money. What do you think about this? I’ve used it sometimes before but I was really disappointed with it’s accuracy since I always shoot Dominators, Steyrs, Ripleys, …

Here’s a pic from the site:

Obviously I would have to do some mods, but in my to do list there’s already the S410 and a new scuba bottle πŸ™ since money doesn’t grow from trees…

Wow! That’s impressive! Beaning beer bottles from 218 yards!
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the great video.

welcome to the fold my friend u will fin the forum very good for info and there,s a shit load off great lads on it aswel ..

I have an “affair” with her for almost 2 years πŸ˜†
Probably I’ve put around 500 shots everywhere I wanted. Even when I started shooting with it, I had a little problem getting used do pull the bolt all the way back, and trying to fix it I usually loaded 2 pellets, even with 2 pellets it’s dead on!

Can you tell me somethin about the barrels?

Btw, saw you on AAOC, nice guns there, but I wonder why no one modifies S4x0… it’s a great gun!

Welcome and glad you found us. Those are nice looking gun for sure. You will love that AA410. I have on and it is a great gun.

We would love to see any detailed reports you care to share!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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