new hunter

Hi everyone
fist of all i want to thank you abut this great foum.
i have gunpower with talon air tank but the Problem when i shot all the air in the tank go out from the first shot
could you tell me what is the Problem
im sorry for my Language im not very good in english 🙁

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Hey man. Where are you from?

The big one that causes most people’s problem like this is that they don’t push the pellet far enough in.

Also make sure the tophat/stem (the part that lets the air out) looks bent. That can cause problems.

What pressure is your tank at?
Do you have a power wheel setting and a stock hammer spring?

Also make sure your pellet is seated all the way until it is flush with the breech.

im sorry for my late reply.
yes the gun is stock but instead of the original thank (gunpower tank)
i have talon tank
thanks for your patience

Tell us how you have the gun set up. Is it stock? Does it have a hammer weight etc.

This will help determine where to start…..and welcome.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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