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    Hello all

    Im glad I found this site, there is a lot of great info here.

    A little back round, I have always been in to guns and always had bb guns, 22’s, shotguns, 33’s, ect… growing up and used them all the time ( live in washington state-great out doors and hunting ) but as time went by I have fell away from it all. But now im starting to get back into it and almost bought a beretta cx4 storm tactical last time I was up at cables. But thought I better check around befor I rush into anything. And came across the air force line and have only head good things. And found this site and here I am. So heres my ?’s. Frist- I want to buy a AirForce Condor .22 and found a good site but would like to know if anyone on this site has bought from there? The site is, I want to go with the U1041 its about $610 with free shipping sounds like a good deal. When I get the gun I would like to add some mods and try to make it look as close as I can to the gun here, Thats the look im going for, and after that im not sure if it can be done, but I would like to have the barrel longer. So I guess my question is, is this web site, and good place to buy from, or is there a better one. Im glad I found this site and I hope to learn alot.


    Never heard of that site but, are very trusted around these parts.


    Its the same price at –

    but there are 10% off coupons floating around I think one is NRA-PYRAMID (or NRA-PYRAMYD). So that would take off $60, then its $15 or so for S&H.

    I’d recommend NOT getting the open sights. They arent that good and a riflescope is a must.

    Even if they were the same price, I’d go with Pyramid over CTI. I got my Condor from them in 2005, my Solo in 2006 and my AA 410 a couple of months ago.

    I had a problem with the finish on the Solo and they give me a few choices to get the problem fixed, non would have cost me anything.

    I did have an issue over a $40 scope mount too. I wasnt happy with the mount or Pyramids response, but they eventually made that right too and I’d still buy a gun from them if they stock it over anywhere else.


    From what I understand CTI does not hold inventory and simply has it shipped to your house from the supplier.

    Pyramid Airguns is a well trusted retailer maintains a massive airgun inventory and is someone I buy from all the time due to their reliability.

    As Mr. Yellow Ninja as stated you can get 10% off and also if you buy 3 tins of pellets you get a fourth one free. I have bought several guns from them as well and many pellets.

    One thing you need to know about the condor is it is very loud. As loud a rimfire gun. So keep that in mind.

    Welcome and feel free to post often.


    Pyramidair has treated me and my friends exceptionally well. They have earned my busines to the extent that I don’t even shop anywhere else, (well Walmart has a better deal on generic .177 pellets, but that’s minor). However, they have told me that the discounts cannot be applied to the AirForce products. But, in my searches, Pyramid seems to discount them a little already. That buy three and get one free on the pellets is a great deal that I have taken advantage of on several occasions. If your getting free shipping, you might as well add some lead to the order, (it’s the costliest to ship as it is so heavy).

    When you spend $150 + with Pyramid, they extend the free shipping, but that is ground shipping. I believe that they will allow you to pay the difference to upgrade to 3 day express. That’s the way to go with anything that requires an adult signature, airguns for example. With ground shipping, you have to sit there all day waiting for the Fedex guy. There is no time estimate, that makes for a long day, esepecially if they blow you off and don’t even try to deliver for whatever reason. (ya, that’s happened to me).

    Pyramid doesn’t pay me to advertise for them. It’s just that I went through several disappointing guns before I bought my SS. Sharon, the sales manager, (ext 228), has been very good to me. When a business takes care of me, I let others know. This raises the question, what makes a good customer? Well that’s easy, my money is good! And of course, I am polite with them through the hassles and frustrations that are always going to occur when your dealing with internet, and/or catalog purchases.



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