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I’ve been surfing around many different Airgun forums for the last month or so. Been looking at all my options from springers to modded Crosman 2240’s but Air Force guns keep calling me. Bare with me if this first post is out of line, the amount of options out there is confusing.
The initial cost is spooky which brings me to my question. I’ve seen a couple of used modified Talons:
Anybody interested in some of the extras if I were to part out or trade for items that would get me where I think I want to be…Talon SS .22 basically stock or maybe 18″ barrel with extender/shroud. Goal is to dispatch 25-30lb beaver from 20 to 55 yards, quietely. Any input would be greatly appreciated. The secondary goal being saving $$$. I gather there are a bunch of you who may want the .25 setup?

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Great Jim!

It does take some time to pump up from zero… But at least you got the fact you have a new gun to ease the hassle.

I’ll be going through the same thing tomorrow when my AA410 shows up. I do own a Tank, but I lent it to a freind and he hasnt had a chance to bring it back yet… I’ll just think on the positive side that I at least have a pump as a backup.

I was impressed with size of my condor when it arrived, was expecting something bigger for some reason, probably because I went from large wood and steel springers to this tiny little light weight aluminum and plastoc thing…..

quote JimW.:

Well the SS came today and I am impressed initially just holding it, the weight is good and it feels pretty solid. Going home to do the super pumping session to get the cylinder filled…

Even though it is raining its a good day! 😉


Mine use to be really light also until I put all the stuff on it. Big Scope, Tri rail, bipod etc….still not to heavy though. Out of the box it kind of feels like a toy with no scope on it.

Well the SS came today and I am impressed initially just holding it, the weight is good and it feels pretty solid. Going home to do the super pumping session to get the cylinder filled…

Even though it is raining its a good day! 😉


I sure appreciate the warm welcome! Tried to contact Mavericks a couple times, no reply. Plus, looks like some people haven’t had good customer service with him? Anyone interested in any of those condor bottles. Randy is replying and maybe I can get Anthony to put the thing back closer to stock?? Input welcome 😕

welcome to the fold troy i hope u find the site all u need 😀

Thank you ol’ wise man Ninja! 😀 I knew it had to be a simple thing, just haven’t seen one quite like that.

Come on FedEx, today is the day!!! 😆


There threaded part in the gun that the bottle screws into is only kept in the guns frame by one or two screws. Some people modify theirs so that there are additional screws holding the collar in to prevent movement of the bottle.

I’m not sure why anyone would use a big fat nut and not a grub screw though.

Welcome, I just ordered a SS and some goodies and i’ll tell you if it is worth it when it comes tomorrow… 8)

Oh BTW, on the ad in the yellow what is the nyloc nut and bolt assembly where the tank screws in to the frame, is this a way to lock the tank to the frame? 3rd picture down.

Welcome Troy! Wow those both look like fantastic deals and if you could sell the parts off like YN said you’d have a nice setup for not much bucks. I remember Mavericks setup and thought it was kick ass…he is sure selling it with a lot of parts too!

Damn Ninja that was one heck of a deal you ended up with!!!! $80 Talon is just insane.


Hello and welcome.

I can say that parting out a Talon of the excess parts is a good way to make back a chunk of the purchase price. A .25 barrel will always be in quite good demand as long as the asking price is realistic. We have a For Sale section that is free to post in, so that might be a good place to put the parts that you wouldn’t want to keep. I’m sure that others will chime in and maybe even a few with their eye on some pieces.

Welcome to the Forum.


Welcome to the forum….

Based on my own experiences you should be able to sell most of that stuff to recoup most of my costs.

I paid $850 for a package deal. I sold everything except the gun…. recovered $770….. so ended up with a nice Talon SS for $80 😯

That being said… I’m not recommending anyone elses package deals or commenting on what you can get for individual items. Just that my deal went very well for me.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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