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    After spending several weeks being pissed off at the old Talon SS, I just decided to drive the 80 miles to the nearest dealer and bought a new one this morning. Talon SS in .22 cal, bipod, AF 4-16 x 50 scope and tri-rail. Got back home and took the old SS apart and installed the baffling from it into the new one.

    I found that the top hat was factory set at 0.110, so I lowered that to 0.082 and sighted in. Shooting heavy Kodiaks over the chrony an average of 765fps and getting 35 good shots before POI starts to change, so this is where it will stay.

    Now comes the question. The old SS was a 2004 model and had delrin barrel bushings and I had drilled the front bushing along with the frame underneath the forearm and had baffles installed. I was still unhappy with the noise with all this done on the old one. I was shooting the old one with the power wheel on 10 to get around 740fps.

    The new gun has the power wheel set on 8 getting the 765fps and it has aluminum bushings. I have not drilled the bushing or frame yet, only removed the baffling from the old gun and put it into the new gun. This is not in my imagination either, the new gun is much, much quieter with just the baffling than the old gun was with everything else done to it. Why would this be? (not that I am complaining either, I like this !!!)


    maybe you did too much to the old one….the frame should only be vented with 1-2 small holes like 1/16″

    bushings cant be vented enough…but maybe if you wented the frame alot and bushing thats ventet good as well, then the noise will come out that way, stuff some scrubbing pads in between the bushings, to give the air some resistance

    have you tried stuffing the new bottle in the old rifle, to see if it gets better ?


    I am planning on trying the new bottle on the old gun tomorrow to see if that does it any good. I just have a suspicion the old bottle is having somekind of valve troubles and that is what has been causing me grief.


    When/ if you vemt your bushing do take CygsX advice and wrap the barrel between the bushings with a scotch brite pad or some felt, i’ve heard of flannel shirt strips being used.

    In terms of the tanks, valve in specific does the old valve have the brass top, where the tophat slaps against? It does seem odd can you pin point the origin of the difference in noise?


    I’m confused!! First you drill the frame, and the Front bushing. Then you wrap the barrel to cushion the air that you drilled holes to let in. 🙁

    And Triggerman’s new gun is quieter without all the mods, than his older gun…which had the mods. ❗ ❓ ❗


    Under the kind of back pressure a AG makes a little muffler device helps alot.


    Most likely your new tank’s valve has tighter tolerences and is quieter…

    Congrats on the new rig.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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