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    Hi all

    I’m new to the group and new to PCP airguns but not new to airguns by any means. I wanted to move from the pumps and springers into something better and decided on an Edge for my first PCP airgun. I spend most of my airgun time target shooting or plinking and really have no intent to hunt with them so the Edge seemed perfect for my needs. This rifle is awesome by every definition of the word! The power level is perfect for what I need and is incredibly accurate. I currently have the Air Force peep rear sight on it and use the 3.8 mm front insert. I’m pumping by hand right now and because the gun offers so many good shots per fill I’m not too worried about upgrading from pumping until I get a bigger gun / larger caliber like the Talon or EscapeSS.

    Quick cell phone pic attached.



    Very nice…
    Always liked the Edge.


    Welcome to the forum! That’s a good Lookin’ gun. You may not realize it but, now that you have entered the world of PCP, you’re newest addiction has begun! :rofl:
    Wildfire :5:


    You have really messed up now! :rofl:

    Seriously, the Edge is an awesome air rifle. It is one of my favorites. Like you said, you can fill it in just a little bit and shoot all afternoon.

    It will not take you long to get bored with shooting at 10 meters and you will start stretching it out. Mine right now is in a transition stage. Sometime back I started turning mine into my Zombie Apocalypse Mini Sniper. All you can hear on mine when you pull the trigger is the hammer slap and the trigger has a nice, crisp let off of just a few ounces with almost zero over travel. A friend of mine is experimenting with building a new regulator for it to boost the FPE a little bit. I am also going to put an 18 inch barrel in it.

    Welcome to the Dark Side! 😈


    Thank you all – yes I can see this taking off fast for me! The other rifles I used to shoot regularly are on an extended vacation. I can do 10 m in the basement and about 20 to 25 yards in the back yard without drawing any attention to myself by the neighbors when I shoot from the corner of my deck since I have woods on one side of my house. The gun and I are still warming up to each other but 10 shot groups are already finding the same hole for the most part. I probably have about 250 rounds through it at this point – perfect all the way around.



    After you get a couple thousand rounds through it and feel like tinkering with it some, let me know. There are a couple of modifications you can do that will make it real sweet, but can be removed and allow you to return it to original competition configuration.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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