New Condor valve and a heavy hammer??????

Hello, is it advisable to use an Anthony 266 110g heavy hammer with the new AF Condor valve or is a stock one better???

Thanks Randy

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Conventional wisdom would say that bumping up the PW will bump up velocity. I’ve not tested my Condor with the new valve enough to know what effect the PW has or does not have.

Historically, there has been a level where one is not gaining in velocity so much as just wasting air.

With the PW on my Talon and Condor, I just find a place where it works well with the tophat setting and then treat it like a sore peter… I dont screw with it! 8)

😳 😳 Oops!, Ibe allready read that post of yours, i forgot you mentioned your fill preasure, PW setting, velocity, etc. there.

So if you are filling to 2800spi, and getting arround 950fps, using 31gr pellets, with your PW at 10. and assuming both our valves behave more or less alike Then…
I, also filling at 2800psi, but using 28gr eunjins (.22), with PW set at 13 (max), should be getting around what? say 980, maybe 1000fps??
would you say that should be correct??

On a side note, i notice most people consider #10 on the PW to be max, instead of #13. Is there a particular reason for this?



All I have on that setup now is in the thread ‘The Condor Gods must be angry with me’

Started out at 2800psi if I remember correctly. got 23 or 24 shots before the chrony battery died. Havent done any since… details in that post. I’ll find it and link it here. No worries on all the questions! Thats why were here!

here is the post…. http://talonairgun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=488

quote rob3dr:

Currently, I have an Anthony .25 barrel, the stock hammer and a new valve in my Condor. Getting around 950fps using 31gr Kodiaks.

Hi Rob, could you give us more details about your setup?
is your hammer weight like the one Martin777 showed us here?
or is it the smaller (lighter) one?
what is your initial fill preasure?
what shot count you get?
and, what PW setting are you using, do you keep it maxed out at 13?

sorry for all the questions, but im trying to gather all the performance info i can on the new valves, cause i wanna know what im getting from mine, and i havent had much time to do testing, or even a place to test! (due to the noise) 🙁 (i cant wait to try softchrono on my condor!!!)


Thanks just waiting for my new Condor valve and then a .25 barrel is next.

The numbers that I saw in a post using a heavier hammer… dont remember how heavy, showed a marked increase in velocity… but the general consensus is that more accuracy is obtained at a bit lower velocity…

Currently, I have an Anthony .25 barrel, the stock hammer and a new valve in my Condor. Getting around 950fps using 31gr Kodiaks.

I’m sure Anthony can chime in as to the benefits of his heavier hammer… some folks swear by it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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