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    I finally bit the bullet (or pellet as it were) and ordered a .22 condor package from Greg at Arizona airguns (Great Guy!!) heres what I got,

    >.22 Condor w/ SCUBA clamp
    >4-16x-56mm Centerpoint scope

    It ships today I hate the wait!

    I cant wait!! I live in Michigan’s Upper penninsula, is shooting in the cold an issue?

    Also are there any mush have mods for a newbie?



    Welcome Ryan

    Congrats on the new Condor.

    Cold weather should not be a problem filling with air.

    Ryan, just curious, how did you find this forum?

    Thanks, Tony


    Ryan, shooting in the cold will not be an issue, and the Condor is relatively forgiving for a metal-framed rifle as the hand rest is plastic and the tank has a small layer of foam on it. Add in the fact that the area to load the pellet through is very large compared to say a Daystate type gun, and it’s easy as can be.


    Congrats on the Condor and welcome aboard!

    I have used Flannel(from an old shirt) and some foam for a tank pad to help from the cold on the cheek and I used a glove for the front hand so nothing there…the Flannel feels SOOOOOOOOO soft and warm compared to the cold hard plastic 😆



    Congrats on the Condor….. have extra drawers handy when you first shoot it because you are going to piss yourself.

    Welcome to the site… enjoy


    Hey the UP ❗ You wouldn’t be near Marquette?? Good hunting up in your area.
    You should have a lot of fun with the Condor ❗
    Hope you enjoy the fun.


    Congratulations and welcome to the TAG. As a fairly new member here myself, I can tell you that is is one of the best airgun forums around and it’s because of it’s members. The condor is LOUD for an airgun so if that’s an issue, you would be well advised to contact Tony of (AKA Anthony226 here on the forum) about a custom shroud. He is a true craftsmen with these things and it will make a world of difference in the sound level.


    Welcome aboard. I’m just a little ahead of ya as a Condor owner. Like Rob & Nuglor said, you’re gonna be startled with your first shot if you have no experience with pcp before. My ears were still ringing a minute after. 😯 Start with the power wheel on LOW and use heavy pellets.

    Believe me, you will get addicted in no time 😉


    Warning: You are in for some serious fun now. 8) These guns are just bad ass.



    Congratulations. PLease keep us posted on how it goes. 😀


    Thaks for the warm welcome! To answer your question Anthony your site was given to me by Greg of Arizona Airguns and I found the forums from your site. I am about 3 hours south of Marquette on the Wisconsin Border still great hunting, I bagged a 22lb possum last winter with 2 rounds from my .177 beeman, that is what made me want to upgrade to .22 and a pcp.


    Welcome RR,

    Just dont do like I did… dry fire it in an enclosed room as soon as your done pumping it up, doesnt harm the gun at all.. but my ears were ringing for about an hour afterwards !

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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