New BSA Ultra

Well well I have just bought me a new BSA Ultra .22 multi shot and I also got a BSA Supersport .22 break barrel.

I have been out of airgunning now for quite a while after selling the Stealth but now I plan on some bunny payback and some pigeon popping in the next few weeks.

At the Mo a friend of mine had a Fox problem and I am awy over there this weekend to see if we can bait it and use a call to get the bugger within 40 yards so I can drop him with 36g of Buckshot from the Shotgun.

There is a Farm locally to him complaining about tree rats so I think a visit to the farm is in order and have some fun.

I am an evil twisted man and I like nothing better than shooting the branch the squirrels sit on and watch em fall 😈

trouble is the little buggers are tough and just run back up the tree but it’s good fun.

Last trip out we got 6 grey squirrel a Duck a Snipe and 3 woodcock 😉

Of course all these were taken with 32g of 6s via the 12g though I am really looking to having fun with the squizzers with the Ultra 😈

When I get the ultra I will do a few pics 😀

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Well after much thumb twiddling and penny pinching I managed to get the money together for a Scope and sat it right on the top.

So now the Ultra has a 3-9 X 50 Ill mildot reticule tasco scope and high mounts and I was having a play with it today on 10.000 acres I have to shoot on now 😀

After zeroing it in and refilling the air chamber I went for a mozy about and soon found an old abandoned quarry which was looking pretty good.

Unfortunatley it started rainins shortly after arriving and this put the dampers on the day but I did manage to bag a bunny at 40 yards with a rather healthy THWACK 😈

Then I just sat in the cover of the trees and plinked for a while till the chamber ran low and came home again.

There was a bit of a wind blowing but the grouping at 35 yards seems spot on all in a 20mm group but I really want a flat calm day to see just how consistent this can get 8)

For now I am more than happy with the purchase and looking forward to a few more bunnies and squizzers in the bag 😈

OMG 😯 frigging BASSJACKER and DKK!!!!…next Gamebread and JLEE are going to come back from the dead!!!!

Hope all is well BJ..

DKK the airguns lose there charm after you got the FAC? I guess if you have a place to shoot/hunt with Firearms they would be good.

Hope all is well, Jim. Formerly Jamesshaw89 on the TOG

Daa Kid and Bass. Holy smokes ❗
Great to see yas 😉 😉

Bass! What the hell? Both you and DKK showing up in the same thread? Good to see some of the Old Guard in here.

yo, dkk, i was lookin at the ultra in single shot…. backed out cause of the unorthadox cocking method……….waiting on the review………

hope all is well with you and yours………..OLDSCHOOL………. 8)

Most of the time if you have a prob with a mag on a new BSA gun then will send out a replacement mag free of charge.

I had to have this sent in as the indexing pin was buggered.

Even though the gun was bought second hand BSA put it right for me for £25

It’s a perfect little gun for the woods as it’s only about 2 feet long with the silencer removed.

I am waiting for a scope to arrive to give it a real try out but HAVE managed to get a few quick shots when I bought it and was really suprised.

It’s Compact powerful accurate and quiet and for £200 for the Multi it was also a bargain.

Pictures to follow soon 😉

If you got the gun new, might should have gotten with the dealer about the mag… otherwise, I’m not sure. I’ve heard before of folks having issue with the BSA mags, but I’ve just not experienced any problems.

…and new mags for the BSA’s are freakin STEEP… around 80 bucks if I recall correctly.

I shoot JSB and it has been hanging since day 1.

I have heard that there are a wide variety of revisions of the BSA mag. I think I have a bad one.

I use my single shot adapter most of the time.


Re Magazines…

I have a BSA Hornet and the magazine functions just fine. I’ve *heard* that by using harder pellets such as Premiers you limit the life of the magazine in guns that use a large O-ring to keep the pellets in place. The hard lead eventually tears the material and causes hang ups. I’ve not experienced this, but to be on the safe side, I normally use JSB’s and Kodiaks out of my Hornet.

I know the magazine is a little bit ‘fiddly’ at times, but so far, I’ve have do issues with it.

I have a BSA Sportsman HV.

It is what I would call a pretty nice rifle, shoots straight, it is a little on the heavy side for walking/hunting. I am setting it up as my long range tool.

I wish the magazine would feed a little better.
How is your mag working? Any hang ups or skipped pellets?


Hey DKK.. Hope you and your son are doing ok.

Take some picts and tell us how it went.

DKK! Good to see you here!

I’ve always liked the Ultra. I’ve got someone sending me one this spring to give a review on so I’ll finally get my hands on one for a while. Almost hope I dont like it because I know I’ll have to send it back!… 😆

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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