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Needing a little more power

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    On my Veteran 22 can I just change out the hammer spring and get a little more FPS ?
    Same goes for my Mutant 22 ?


    Yes you can change hammer spring for more power.


    Tony I am going to call you about them springs , Also I need a 22 Veteran Magazine.


    Iride how does the Vetaran compare to Vulcan in .22?
    I quite like the new laminated stocks.

    Any issues with magazine cycling? I know the Veteran is like a hw100, is it smooth? Any issues with indexing?


    No issues with magazine cycling of Vulcan, Veteran or Mutant
    Smooth as butter , Now I only have the 177 caliber in the Vulcan II , And my ONLY bitch is about the Vulcan Magazine spring loaded shit, Nothing more than My fat fingers loading a pellet in 177 caliber with a spring loaded magazine, The Cricket, Mutant, Veteran magazines will just spoil a air-gunner like me.
    There is no way in hell you can go wrong getting a Veteran / Cricket they are 100% good,
    Its that dam spring loaded Magazine that keeps me from putting the Vulcan II 177 caliber at 100%
    I do find myself shooting the Vulcan a little more than the others, Its just always loaded and full of air and ready to go,And my quietest gun and the only one with out a LDC is my 22 Veteran,


    Mike, maybe you should switch over to a 50 cal so your fat fingers can hold on to the pellets.
    Having both a Cricket and a Vulcan, I do have to say the mag is easier on a Cricket and accuracy is excellent on both.



    I really have looked at the 30 cal guns but just see no need for that much lead,
    I feel better shooting sparrows with my 177 than my 22 or 25 caliber,
    Now I do watch a couple guys shooting sparrows with a 30 caliber Impact,
    4,000.00 dollar guns shooting slugs at sparrows is fun to watch , But I would not spend that kind of money unless you could guarantee me the gun would not need a re ring and worked on every 1000 shots,
    I like to shoot not work on them. And the scopes they use are just crazy money,
    I do like the new Priest, and it comes in 30 caliber,
    Got to many guns now,



    You ever need to thin out your herd to acquire a bigger or just another, I would like to go on record telling you I would buy your Veteran 22 Long, right now. Your close by and I can drive there in 2 hours, we could have a beer or two and do this in cash!

    I really want a 22 long…
    I do understand the bigger caliber stuff, it’s just not for me right now.

    I had to choose some other caliber besides the 22 air rifle, I think a Veteran in a .20 would be flat out the bomb for my shooting needs right now, even more so than 22…
    Years ago I build up a 25 Condor that I did everything to and it turned out a beast! The name of the game here for me, as the caliber goes up; so should the speed and power!

    Not just a heavier pellet and a few fps either. I would think to build up a 30 caliber bullpup that you could smoke the rounds in to the point you needed to throttle her back would be awesome fun, long as you had your own compressor very close by ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shooting golf balls at distance with the 30 would be fun as anything. That or small rocks at the same distances.
    Now the big thing here in this part of Texas where Mike and I live, we deal with lots of wind. Bigger pellets deal with much better.
    Now, that shooting golf balls at a 150 yards takes on another level of fun with the larger caliber, that is not saying to take a 30 that can really haul the heavy, and take small prey into red mist while you watch through the glass would not be rewarding either ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure it would put a grin on my face as well!

    So Mike you ever get to this point, please keep me in mind to buy your Veteran 22 Long please…


    I do not own a Veteran long.
    I have a Veteran 22 bullpup and a Veteran 25 bullpup, But no long,
    I was given by an inlaw a Veteran 22 Bullpup and a compressor and a large tank a while back,
    I was going to sell the compressor and tank but I kept thinking the brother inlaw might get back in the sport.
    I was even going to sell the tank and commpressor dirt cheap and buy my inlaw a big steak dinner when he came down, But hell I feel bad about that, I got a Sheldon compressir and three tanks , I really do not need another compressor and tank.
    Now the Veteran 22 is NOT for sale , The gun is super, like my Mutant, & Cricket, Its just a super gun.
    I like shooting the Texas pecans , You know the native little pecan no one picks up because its so hard to crack,
    They are a blast to shoot.


    Now I thought that the Mutant and the Veterans were both bullpup…

    Then to add to that, they could be bought in three different sizes each.

    The compact, the standard and the long, which all three of those whether a mutant or veteran, they are still a bullpup.

    I thought you had the 22 long you got from your inlaw… No matter.


    Mike what size is the hst adjuster thread, I will have to make a blanking off plug thatโ€™s why I am asking.


    hst adjuster thread for what gun?


    Taipan veteran .22. I have found a video now, will see if it is M17mmx1mm


    What spring did you end up replacing it with? I would like to upgrade my hs to a slightly heavier spring to send the nsa slugs a little faster.


    I would think you will need to adjust the regulator a little to get much.

    Your only going to be able to hit the hammer so hard and then your not going to get anymore out of the rifle, and your just knocking the heck out of this entire area of the rifle for nothing but wear and tear.

    Bump the reg up and you can back the hst off most of the time, then when you get the slugs out you run yhe hst in for those.

    Just sayin’

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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