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need new .22

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    kid is getting my trusty aa410 .22 so of course i should be getting a new .22 to replace it

    got a vulcan1 .25 awesome, but too much power.

    got an impact mk2 in .30…on loan from a friend that shipped overseas and is now offering it to me for 1500 bucks….its pushing 80 fpe so way too much power….

    i want, compact, 40ish shots, magazine, good trigger, and has to be mousefart quiet as usual at 27-30 fpe

    so my list so far
    taipan veteran standard
    lelya 2.0
    urugan compact
    and as the oddball the priest mk2

    several nights of studies have the taipan up on top for great trigger, but that cocking arm at the back i dont like that, seems heavy and its a bit long especially if a mod has to be added

    lelya 2.0 is short, but cocking seems rough, and trigger is not the best if i read the review right…how bad is the trigger ? cause i love the P90’ish looks of this one….does it need a LDC ?

    urugan compact should be a good gun, if its anything like the vulcan just looks awkward

    priest had some issues in the mk1 but should be fixed in mk2 and priced nicely

    lastly i could get a .22 500mm barrel for the impact if i decide to go with that rifle….but so far its had 2 leaks….1 pressure guage failure….not sure i want to deal with all the orings in that rifle…maybe if i can get it a bit cheaper…..the .30 lops pellets 100 yards easily and accurately…if the .22 is even close it should be damn awesome


    That would be a no brainer for me, the Vulcan2 in .177 or .22. Or like you said a Urugan in .177 or .22.
    The trigger on both of these guns can be turned down to around 4 to 6 oz with a great 1st stage and has a front cocking lever.



    Might look at the new Thunder in 22. They look nice, might be a little to heavy.

    I still like the Veteran Long, no extra ldc. In 22 though for me. I just can’t wrap my feeler’s around a 25 caliber cannon 🙂

    I already got a 300 Winchester magnum, don’t need another 🙂

    You know I seem to remember Tony may still have one Veteran in 177 caliber, that might fit your needs. Just a thought. I just like everything about the really nice trigger’s on the Tiapian


    weird wrote reply and its gone…..

    love .25 squirrels die faster….and still able to be neighborhood quiet….but just like powderburners, care has to be taken with backstops, these .25+ pellets fall out of the sky with considerable power even at really long range

    .177 and .22 does not suffer from this as much, and are more easily stopped by small branches. my aa410 .22 has been great not as accurate, as the wildcat mk2 .22 i tried my god that one was a lasergun….anyhow good gun for the kid to get into…and let daddy find a new toy.

    i feel .177 is too weak for crows and squirrels at longer ranges 40-70y…..but i have successfully nailed them with .22

    taipan is still on the table…so is the fx wildcat mk2 if i can find one….i dont like the looks of the urugan shorty, but if it shoots like my vulcan mk1 then fuck it…it is low on power though…looking for 30 fpe (have i been in the US for too long since im obsessed with power…hmm)

    got a RPR in 300winmag….awesome rifle, spendy to shoot though….and i got no long ranges around here, they are 200m max, unless i go for a 4hr its the RPR in 308 win that sees the most use



    That rpr 300wm is one really great rifle for the price.

    I have really been trolling on them since you can get them in 300wm…

    That has been my favorite caliber since I can remember anymore 🙂

    You can load that cartridge up or down to do whatever is necessary. Plus its trojectory is awesome once you play around with it much.

    I just want one with the ar style grip and 10 round mag and some extra weight in the barrel to keep things repeating the poi and keep from knocking my beat up ass around so much.

    The 300wm I have is a ultra lite hunter version that is real nice shooting rifle but I can’t shoot a full 20 round box of ammo at one setup anymore.


    Mutant Short ftw. Best trigger I’ve experienced. Easiest loading magazines too. Power can be reduced easily enough (I shoot less than 18 fpe when I want to). Accurate and compact, my Mk1 Short came in at less than 23″ OAL. Ugly, but form follows function here.
    PS the image shows with Donny’s Tatsu, which increases the OAL, but it looks good, so I don’t mind it.


    thanks for all your suggestions

    damn 300winmag in an ultralite….no thanks LOL

    after some online shopping events that went less than stellar i ended up with a wildcat mk2 compact in .22 with a DFL

    was initially very disappointed with noise levels, and shot count… but it was shooting 930-940 with jsb 16gr …so i dialed it back(loosening the hammer spring retention screw) to 910 and that did the trick, noise went away, and it went from about 3 mags (8shot mags) to 7 mags before coming off the reg.

    family life and visitors has kept me from trying to stretch its legs at 15y its as expected hole in hole

    trigger is pretty good, more crisp than my vulcan

    no leaks…but its an fx so time will tell 😉

    cocking handle is easy to reach and quick to use….its no impact…smooth until i feel it engaging the hammer sear and rotating mag that last 20% of the stroke feels like there gravel in there….my vulcan and impact is butter smooth

    but at 1250 shipped its int he lower pricerange of highend airguns

    what im still working out is the scope mounts…i mounted up a athlon 4-14×44 ffp, with low mounts its next to impossible to use….medium mounts require a strong cheekweld to get a sight picture…..but high mounts everything is fine and comfy but now the scope sits 2.8″ CTC to the barrel….that means slight cant and its off….and close range holdover shifts dramatically …not sure what im going to do…..and why ohh why are airguns not born with picatinny rails (ok more and more are, but its a 100$ upgrade for the wildcat)?


    Because it’s a FX and they can squeeze a little more out of you.



    the wildcat, is amazing…..pigeons at 60-70y no problem…but they could have shipped it with two mags

    while talking about smoothness of the cocking etc….the vulcan is on impact levels or vice versa …super good…

    impact has no leaks so far….and the impact is holding air as well…

    been trying to get through to FX for months…they seems to go home early or simply not answering the phone…i have tried maybe 30 times and havent gotten through…well got a secretary that couldnt do shit other than saying the whole crew is out…prolly playing with matt dubber and all the other guys that sold out to FX

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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