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need new .22

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    kid is getting my trusty aa410 .22 so of course i should be getting a new .22 to replace it

    got a vulcan1 .25 awesome, but too much power.

    got an impact mk2 in .30…on loan from a friend that shipped overseas and is now offering it to me for 1500 bucks….its pushing 80 fpe so way too much power….

    i want, compact, 40ish shots, magazine, good trigger, and has to be mousefart quiet as usual at 27-30 fpe

    so my list so far
    taipan veteran standard
    lelya 2.0
    urugan compact
    and as the oddball the priest mk2

    several nights of studies have the taipan up on top for great trigger, but that cocking arm at the back i dont like that, seems heavy and its a bit long especially if a mod has to be added

    lelya 2.0 is short, but cocking seems rough, and trigger is not the best if i read the review right…how bad is the trigger ? cause i love the P90’ish looks of this one….does it need a LDC ?

    urugan compact should be a good gun, if its anything like the vulcan just looks awkward

    priest had some issues in the mk1 but should be fixed in mk2 and priced nicely

    lastly i could get a .22 500mm barrel for the impact if i decide to go with that rifle….but so far its had 2 leaks….1 pressure guage failure….not sure i want to deal with all the orings in that rifle…maybe if i can get it a bit cheaper…..the .30 lops pellets 100 yards easily and accurately…if the .22 is even close it should be damn awesome



    That would be a no brainer for me, the Vulcan2 in .177 or .22. Or like you said a Urugan in .177 or .22.
    The trigger on both of these guns can be turned down to around 4 to 6 oz with a great 1st stage and has a front cocking lever.




    Might look at the new Thunder in 22. They look nice, might be a little to heavy.

    I still like the Veteran Long, no extra ldc. In 22 though for me. I just can’t wrap my feeler’s around a 25 caliber cannon 🙂

    I already got a 300 Winchester magnum, don’t need another 🙂

    You know I seem to remember Tony may still have one Veteran in 177 caliber, that might fit your needs. Just a thought. I just like everything about the really nice trigger’s on the Tiapian

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