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need help with hammer installation

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    I just bought Tony’s top hat and the hammer with slap mod. I can’t find an instructable or video on how to remove the old hammer and install the new one on my .25 condor s. There appears to be a little nub of metal that retains the hammer on the breech end. I’m not sure if I am supposed to start removing the trigger/safety assembly (which seems a little scary, or whether I am supposed to be installing from the muzzle end.

    Yes, I am a total noob at this. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    All the internals come out through the muzzle end not the preach end…
    There are two barrel screws on the side and two under the foregrip..


    Hi Tony:

    Thanks for helping me out tonight. I think I got it all squared away… except, as I was putting the breech back on, a black o ring fell out. It appears to be about 7/8 inch in diameter. It came from the breech, and it looks like it has some residue of adhesive on one side.

    I tested the air gun and it drove a pellet, but I assume this is not an extra part. Where does this thing go?


    I think this is the O-ring that fits into the groove on the rear barrel baffle.


    “Rear barrel baffle”. I’m sorry, but I am new to this, and don’t know what that means.

    If you assume that you are describing it to a 12 year old, that would probably be appropriate to my level.

    Do I need to remove the bottle and the breech to replace it?

    Sorry to be so ignorant. I swear, I searched for schematics that would show the o ring locations without luck

    Thanks, in advance.


    Is the o-ring a hard, white plastic O-ring, or is it black rubber?

    If it’s hard white plastic, there are 2 of them inside that area of the gun. They go on either side of the power wheel.

    If it’s black rubber, it might go on the rear barrel baffle (aka the aluminum ring that affixes to the barrel with set screws and has set screws that go through the frame to secure the barrel in place). These 2 aluminum pieces are multi-functional. Firstly they lock the barrel in place. Secondly, they center the barrel in the aluminum Condor frame. Thirdly, the help with barrel harmonics.

    Even though the barrel on the Condor SS is shorter and thinner than the barrel on the Condor, it actually has less harmonic resonance. This is because of the location of the barrel baffles in proximity to the length and end of the barrel. However, with the 18″ barrel, you lose power. It’s simple physics. You lose 10 FPS for every inch of barrel length that is lost. So hypothetically speaking, if your power wheel is set at 10, and you are getting 900 fps with a 25gr JSB pellet, you would actually get 960 fps with the identical power setting using the 24″ barrel.

    But if I’m not mistaken, those aluminum baffles that hold the barrel in place have a recessed groove on them that is designed for a rubber o-ring. You said the o-ring that fell out is about 7/8″ diameter. This is a big o-ring, and ironically it’s almost exactly the same size as the inner diameter of the aluminum frame on the Condor. So through the process of elimination, it can only fit on a very few components.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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