Need help with .25 ss

I have a SS with a .25 barrell from Tony that I love to shoot. thank you Tony. I have installed a condor valve filled to 3000psi first 20 soots in the mid. to high 700. drop to 2800psi fill and this is what happend.

1) 911.3 11) 981.8 pw 13
2) 932.8 12) 989.7 top hat .090
3) 946.8 13) 984.1
4) 961.2 14) 990.5
5) 966.3 15) 991.1
6) 965.7 16) 994.1
7) 975.2 17) 990.5
8) 980.9 18) 982.0
9) 983.9 19) 988.4
10) 988.0 20) 987.3

Drop to 2500 psi fill

1) 940.4 11) 966.6 pw 13
2) 953.2 12) 957.9 top hat .092
3) 961.5 13) 955.1
4) 964.5 14) 966.5
5) 965.2 15) 961.8
6) 961.9 16) 955.6
7) 972.9 17) 952.6
8) 965.6 18) 950.0
9) 966.5 19) 944.8
10) 965.5 20) 941.7

I’m shooting Kodiak extra heavy. I would like to get those speeds at 3000psi.

thanks Benny

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Basically what is happening is your valve will not open correctly until you reach 2800psi. This is normal for older style Condor valves. Even though the new valve works better, it still suffers a very little bit when filled to 3000.

If yours is a new style valve, a slightly heavier hammer/striker will help, but you will start to lose adjustability. The PW setting wont matter as the hammer will open the valve as far as it can early on. The more you crank up preload wont matter, the valve cant open any further.

When I use the new style valve, I have a 19gm striker, and a 49gm hammer for a total weight of 68gm. With this I get the same results you do. Even so, starting at 2800psi I can still get about 35 shots at full power, but can still adjust down if I desire to.

With my heavier striker at 30gm, 49gm hammer my weight is now 79 grams. I get full power starting at 3000psi, but velocity still increases a bit once pressure drops to appx 2800. At this point I have to reduce to PW 3 before I see velocity stabilize.

So I just fill to 2800, use the lighter hammer and live with it. I dont have to adjust down to keep it stable. I reach max power at PW8-9 with this setup, and can get enough stable shots per fill to keep me happy.

Tony actually recommends a fill pressure of 2800psi, so I dont think youre hurting yourself any.

hmm…thats a big difference for such a small adjustment it shouldnt drop that much

still sounds like it could use some additional preload or slighty heavier hammer

it’s a 24 in. barrell I got from Tony a few weeks a go. I’m just now getting to shoot . Working 6 days a week dont leave much time to shoot.

What lengt Bbl. is in your SS?

turned top hat to .088 with 3000psi fill and the speeds drop to low 700.
would a heavier hammer help at all. I have the striker weight add.

turn the tophat toward the bottle…try half a turn, that should lower the power a tad…if not enough…give it half a turn more

be carefull not to over tighten the setscrews on the tophat

once you find the balance, i suggest you you glue the tophat in place with blue loctite or crazy glue(yes it will come off when heated a bit)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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