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    hey everybody
    first sorry for my english i am french.
    i would like to know if it s possible to remove auto safety on airforce condor v1…i ve tried but after my hammer can t lock well…i had a v2 and i haven t got this problem…
    i hope you could hep me!
    mine is a clone so they had copied the v1


    Bonjour Loic,
    Pas de souci por ton anglais, il est bien compréhensible.
    Back to english for our friends here to understand us. I assume you have a gunpower rifle? Check out the link here:
    If you can remove the light blue part on the right of the image and associated springs, then the safety shoule be completely disabled.
    The above link is a sublink of the following page:
    which gives you a good idea of how the rifle works.

    If it’s a V1 condor, it might look like this:
    Including instructions to remove. Funny thing though, he got the image from TAG, but I – as probably you, too – couldn’t find it.

    Maybe I should mention that doing these mods is at your own risk and responsability, but I guess you know and accept that.

    Bonne chance 😉


    thanks papa shutlze
    i have a clone airforce condor with v1 trigger system
    so i have removed like you link the blue parts with his springs but i can t arrive to lock the hammer in this i am thinking it was a springs problem because my clone has not the same triggers i have ordered 3 spring from original condor and same thing..
    i have found a solution which working very well and no problem anymore
    i have replaced the blue parts but without theirs springs and wrong size and now it s working

    with auto safety no problem like you can see on my video


    Hi Loic, good to see that you found a workaround for the issue. Good job!
    I understood what you have done to correct the issue.
    Looking at the drawings I now try to understand why it works this way.

    James Compton

    There are 2 types of auto safety’s on the airforce condor I am in need of a diagram of the mechanism that. I can’t find mine doesn’t have the long piece that Toggles the safty I disengaged my auto safty and was putting the high flo piece with reg and all that .before I took it apart I cocked it [never had any problems that way .well I accidentally hit the trigger and now I can’t cock it .please help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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