Need advice?????

New to the forum….Loads of great info. Looking to purchase a Talon/TalonSS.

Been years since I’ve done any airgunniing. Was with RWS springer, currently just own a Sheridan .20. Useful. but looking into the more powerful and “quieter” types.

Avid shooter for many years….crows, coyotes kills to 650 meters. Too many folks moving in around here need to scale back from 223 and 762…

Built all my main shooters myself….now looking into Talons….you guys got my head swimming with all kinds of ideas from your excellent threads.

Question is .20 over .22 in a Talon adding my own shroud design to quiet things down? Which would give better accuracy? .22 would do for longer ranges with the better weight?

Most of my ideas follow experience with full house weapons….shooting Sierra Matchking 168’s over IMR 4895 does it good in my rifle out to 1000 meters. So heavier is better should follow.

Game would be rats up to crows and the like………any help or advise would be GREATLY welcome. Have always looked to those that know for info……would rather be putting rounds downrange than doing R and D.

I’m off to read some more of the info ya’ll have….it’s great.

Talon/Talon SS

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My friend had recommended the .20 caliber, so I bought a beeman R-9 in .20. That was a disappointment for several reasons. The clincher for me was my comparison between my Benjamin 392 in .22 caliber, and the R-9 in .20 caliber. The .22 caliber makes BIGGER HOLES! And like others have said, the AirForce guns have the power to flaten the trajectory to the point where .20 just doesn’t make sense.

Have you checked out Talon Tunes?
There is a link at the top of all of the TAF pages. Tony does some awesome work and from what I can tell, all of the people who have used his services or purchased complete guns from him are VERY happy. It does raise the point of how much you want to spend on your new baby.

The Talon SS is just so flexible in that you can install any of the different barrels. Shroud/frame extensions are available to quiet them down. You can convert Talons to Condors, (for a price). Or you can convert Condors to Talons, (I think). These things are very versatile. I am sure that you are learning this. You should know that the Talon SS frame is literally longer that the Talon. This fact alone made a difference to me. It lends the gun the ability to be quieted down easily.

There are also the coverted .25 caliber Condors. I haven’t actually used one, but the guys who own them just rave about them. Again, you can see these on Tony’s website, TalonTunes.

I am no expert, and am new to this myself, so don’t take my word as gospel. Hunt around this site. Under general chat, check out the heading for new people. Many frequently asked questions are answered there. The members here are great as you have probably noticed. Good luck, and enjoy.

Thanks guys….22 it is!!!

I concur, .20 might be fine for lighter powered AGs the AF platform has more than enough power to push the .22 downrange. I love my TSS in .22

Just stick the the .22 in a Talon.

.20 might have a use in a power plant that doesnt put out much energy but PCP’s have enough energy to send a .22 pellet downrange with enough power that the trajectory flat and you dont need to compromise by using a .20.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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