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I did a search but could not find what I was looking for.

The slide that has the cocking knob on my SS seems to be getting a bit stiffer when cocking the gun to load a pellet. Anyone have any pics, diagrams or info to share with me on how to dismantle, clean and/or lube this? Never done anything anymore invasive than take the barrel out of one of these things, so no clue where to start to work on other parts.


Talon/Talon SS

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Hold the trigger plate in place while removing the screws that secure it. Then carefully remove the trigger plate while noting where the springs are. It won’t fly apart like a Swiss watch, just proceed slowly. Scroll down the page and you’ll see another link for the schematics it you get lost. Do it once, then it will be old hat 8)

I was just thinking the same thing Kenny, so going to wait till the barrel is here then get brave and tear into this thing to see what makes it tick.

Only thing that concerned me about the instructions “Y” made, was when you turn it upside down, he mentioned make a note where the springs go. This scares me, as usually when I work on things that have springs in them, the last I ever see of them is after they bounce off my forehead and I hear them hit the far wall and wonder where the hell it came from and was it really needed in there after all….. 😆 😆

Oops, looks like I misunderstood your question Rick, but you know what? you should still do the lube/cleaning deal I posted before putting your new barrel in, it certainly can’t hurt.

Iv’e done this very thing myself when mine got sticky. Might as well wait till your new barrel comes to do this. Before putting your new barrel in, get some divers silicone and lube up the skinny, or breach end of the new barrel. With your airtank off, you will be able to clean out the breach seals and lube them as well with the silicone, I used several Q-tips until all the black gunk was gone from the seals. There are 2 seals, one on either end of the breach. You can access the breach with Q-tips thru the threaded opening where bottle goes in. It’s a bit harder to get to the seal on the far end of the breach, but it can be done

This worked great for me, although some people go as far as removing everything from the frame to do it. After doing this my breach slid back and forth like greased lightning.

Most dive shops will have this silicone

Thanks alot Sotxguy, just what I was needing.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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