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Just got back from my local outlet for the .22 Kodiaks I shoot and Dammit, just like me, they are out…… 👿

They do have some 18.2gr Crow Magnum HP’s in stock. Was wandering if anyone has shot them against the Kodiaks and can tell me how close they compare?

I know the easy thing to do would be to have bought a tin and tried them myself, but don’t want to re-zero the scope for them and then do it all again late next week when the Kodiaks come in.

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I can’t buy anything locally. But if I am willing to head 70 Mi. south, The Sportsman’s Warehouse carries the JSB’s re-labeled to Wolverine for BSA.

Trigger, If you get the chance to pick up a tin of the Wolverine’s, don’t pass it up! They have a very good Bc. And are extremely accurate! Weight is 15.9. I am getting well under 2″ at 100 yds with them.


I live about 55 miles north-east of Angelo Trigger. Abilene is a little closer but not enough to make a difference. It’d be nice to find a supply somewhere around here and save on shipping.

Last Sat I went to Tim’s shop to stock up on some pellets, and to pick some up for a friend, who wanted to try different ones. I noticed some Crow Mags in the case, and asked Tim about them, and how accurate he thought they were.

He said the accuracy is OK up to a certain point, and then they begin to “yaw” in flight back and forth. He said it’s kind of weird what they do. This is when the accuracy decreases, because it doesn’t spin true anymore, but this is also when the pellet becomes so devastating when smacking a critter. It could go in a squirrel’s neck, and come out his ass, or somewhere else, with a mushroom effect also if the pellet hits head first. I passed on them since I’m looking for accuracy in target shooting, but I’ve read on many forums that hunters have had good luck with them, presumably at closer ranges, before accuracy really suffers. He had no shortage of Kodiaks, picked up several tins. I hardly even mess with 14.3 pellets anymore, my SS loves the taste of those heavier beemans for sure.

You from here too airtight ?

A few months back, I talked J.R. at Field & Streams into ordering me some and then finally into stocking them. He’s always had a good supply until just my luck, until today……

He’s got plenty of RWS, Benji’s and Crow Mags, but somebody other than me has been hitting my supply of Kodiaks lately it looks like.

Trigger, where were you getting the Kodiaks locally? I’d figure either The Outdoorsman, Field and Streams or Texas Gun Shop, but am I missing something?

Crow Mags suck in my Talon with a 24″ .22 barrel, set up for Kodiaks at 900 fps. They won’t group at 10 yards, and they keyhole consistently at 30+. Waste of time and money. Does your usual Kodiak source also sell H&N? If so, the Barracuda is the exact same pellet as the Kodiak. HTH.


Thanks Adam, thats kind of what I was thinking they would do. Guess I will just have to find something constructive to do this weekend instead of shooting ……… BUMMER

Kodiaks are great out to long distances. Crow Magnums get whacky after 35yds in my Talon and do not group at all with my AA410

In my Daystate Huntsman they hit the exact same point of impact with the LDC off of it at 10 yards…farther out?

In your gun?

maybe someone else has tried them back to back?

I’d snag a tin and try them out…they look and perform just awsome with the cuts in the top of them “MCM” Modified Crow Magnum.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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