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    is there a name that has bee dubed to this style ??
    anyway , these are a few im working on for some people , they have been a fun project , after 6 different trigger designs and 2 poor atempes i have acheived what i lke .all .22 hpa /co2
    a few in the pic’s below in the woks and a few done al but the open sights .


    god mate looks like u have been a busy lad .nice guns


    How did that front hand guard/bipod work out? I remember that from your other pics. I thought that was a great idea. Post some pics of that in operation as well please.


    the hand grip /bipod works great , i don’t do alot of bipod shooting but it is nice having it there hiddn above the grip . i’ll try and post some pics of it tonight .
    any comments on pro’s and cons of anything to do with the guns are welcome .


    Looks like all pros to me, i really like the side cocking brech. Might be i’ll have to send a frame to someone who can do this for me someday. It should be a factory done deal knowing what we know about these Ags now. The edge has it, maybe Afwill start to do this with the rest of the line in the future.

    I too would like to see that bi-pod arangement, looks very interesting to me. Some flutes would look very cool IMHO running along the length of the tube, looks like the one withthe bi-pod has them already. The longer frames would look nice with flutes. Once again i love the side cocking brech. Are you using any factory parts (trigger assembly), or is it a complete from scratch build??


    the bipod has a lockng skrew on the lower leg with a little snap ring on it so it doesnt fall out , this is what holds it tight together when its up the srings do aswell , but not enough , it actuly holds on to the forgrip.
    the frount part with the blade has 2 slots on either side , one set is on a 30deg’ angle ( abot cant remember).
    the other is straight inline with the for grip , then there is a heavy sprng on either side with a bolt straight through , each leg must be pulled out and turned to snap in to the 30deg’ slot . the top of each leg fits tight on the top in each slot so there is no movment . it is a nice feature but the time spent on it was almost not worth it , it does alow for a nice wide front grip with out looking like a piece of furnace wood bolted on . may be lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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