My "New" Gun Arrived! Got a few questions..

Well, the gun is new for me anyhow! Not an Airforce gun, but there is always hope for the future. 😉
This is my first air rifle, first time shooting a springer, and all at the 50 years young… 😉 😆 About friggin time I’d say!!!
I got a nice deal on a Gamo Big Cat from the Yellow Forum’s Classified section. It has a Rich from Mich tune in it with his trigger insert. It also has a new apex seal, JM lubes and the original Gamo 4×32 scope.
And all for $90.00 with shipping!!!
If you are on this forum too Troy… Thanks a whole lot!

I have already shot it of course, came home early from work just to do so 😆 . The seller (Troy/TroyinBC) also gave me a generous supply of RWS Superdomes and Crosman Premier “from the box” to try out in it. 😮
So of course I setup a target on some cardboard in the still present snow in the back yard and proceded to fire away from 35Ft (11 meters or so).
It did very well I think! As the picture shows I need to readjust the scope but it groups in dime and nickel sized groups (other than the “warmup group” I shot on the lower left) and all this before I am even used to shooting a springer!!

I shot my Beeman 2006/p17 also, off-hand, 35 ft, did ok and… scored a direct bullseye on the little black dot I was using as an aim point!! Ok, so I attribute that to shear dumb luck… Given the others were no where close to it and the results with it on the other target on lower right, but with no scope, no peep-site, ok for now… it is definately me and not the gun causing it.. though the rear site vertical keeps moving.. 🙁

❓ What is an apex seal?
❓ Would a Banner 3×9-40 scope survive on a springer like this one? I have one not currently being used. I think however it may not focus close enough… been a while since I have used it.
I think I may save up for a Centerpoint Red&Green reticle like I saw in Wallymart for $69. Looks like it will focus down to 5 FT!!

Gonna be some shooting fun this spring!!!


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Here is the link to short write up I did on the P17 in the Other Guns section. http://talonairgun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2346

Enjoy your new pistol when you get it!
I use it in the basement with paper targets backed by 2 folds of an old large towel hanging freely and backed by 2 thick pieces of cardboard.
The towel is getting a bit ragged, but the pellets tend to drop right out without deformation into a box I have set below. I plan on reusing them in my Crosman 1088 which is just my plinking gun. The Crosman 1088 is not very accurate, the sights do not adjust for elevation at all, but it is still a good deal of fun to shoot in the basement.


Ahhh! So the “apex seal” is actually a brand name, Apex.
The seal is the piston seal.
Got it! I think it is important to “understand how yer stuff works!”
That mindset has saved me tons of cash on car repairs, appliance repairs, etc. etc.

What a great forum! Is there any limit to what a person can learn here???


You can read up on the Apex seals here.

Congrats on the Gun!

I just ordered a 2006 with a red dot two days ago. How do
you like yours?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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