My new valve is … leaking

Today is the first daylight hours Ive had to test my rig since I got the new bottle with a hi-flo valve.

I am shooting it with the new striker AF suggested. Consistency is great, an easy 30 shots from it fps ranged from 975-955 at PW 10. Cranked it to 11, and shot some JSB predators @ 1090 fps for 5 shots in a row, fps did not change. Grouped at 5/8″ supersonic at 35 yards. I then realized that I could hear something, put my ear next to the gun and could hear air escaping. Put my finger over the tophat, and the hiss stopped.

New valve, around 40 shots and its leaking air. It is about 25°F outside, so I thought maybe it was the cold. Ive been inside for 45 minutes now, the gun is warmed up. Dry fired it, valve still leaking air.

I have just about had it with AF. I do not want to mess with disassembling this thing, I cant even get the valve out of the old bottle even with heat.

I will try to pump it back up to 3000PSI and see what happens, I had it charged for 4 days before I started shooting it.

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Its not a big deal. The delrin just needs to “wear” in.

I certainly dont think its how the bottles should act brand new, but I wouldnt be concerned if I got a bottle that had the leak that seems to just be the delrin seal.

I’ve had leaks after reassembling valves and its always just been a seal not seating and was fixed no problem and didnt give me any issues afterwards (Until i took it apart again…)

quote Anthony266:

What do you think the bottle pressure was when it started leaking?

Sorry Anthony, I did not see you had replied earlier.

The pressure when I refilled was 1900PSI. This is after tapping the tophat about 10 times just enough for a small “pop” from the bottle.

Being a brand new bottle and valve, I am nervous about this even though it appears to have stopped leaking.

I havent shot it since this afternoon, I will try again tomorrow.

That much water sux…ya might have to spring for a scuba tank.

Tried what Airfarce suggested and hit the tophat with a plastic hammer. It took about a dozen strikes before the valve stopped leaking. Pumped up the bottle to 3000psi, still not leaking.

However when I bled the pump, a noticable amount of moisture sprayed out of the pump. I guess Ill have to use lube on the pellets even though it appears to make the gun less accurate.

Will go out and shoot to see if the leak reappears.

What do you think the bottle pressure was when it started leaking?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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