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My New Talon Stock (UPDATED PHOTOS)

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    Finally got the balls to disassemble the existing grip and trigger guard on my TalonSS… 😯 Nice trigger component cover, WTF, it was like a land mine once the screw was removed, I can’t believe it went back together and still works…

    Sketched up two different designs, i’m trying to design the stock to be functional and cool looking. The idea was to make two test stocks out of blue foam to experiment with carving around the fingers and thumb…

    Well every hardware store I went into looked at me like I was nuts, it was tough to keep my mouth shut when a ‘know it all’ in Home Depot said there was no such thing… 🙄

    So I had some 1/2″ MDF laying around and decided now was the time and glued them together after fitting in the trigger area and the frame rail…

    Overall width is 1.5″ from three layers of 1/2″. Spent about 3 hours carving with assortment of chisels, pocket knives and rasps…

    I like it so far and even though it is a test stock it may be worthy of being the real thing!!!

    The two designs->

    Cutouts for internal parts->

    Right side overall->

    Right side close-up->

    Left side close-up->

    Probably going to do a black or gray coat of rubber or flat black paint… Trying to get it together for the weekend shoot at the range!

    Thanks for looking!



    Nice looking Jim 😀 Are you coming to the NOCASA shoot sunday?


    very nice mate keep it up and keep the pics comeing


    Thanks guys!!

    Photo, i’ll try to be there, haven’t really done any shooting since the last time I was there… 😥 Looking forward to trying out the 18″ barrel! Hopefully i’ll see you there!





    JW you are gonna love it when your done. My stock has improved the gun so much, I wont take it off. Weight isnt really an issue for me, but its still a minor complaint.

    I didnt have trust in myself to try a thumbhole design, so I went a different route. Maybe next time. 8)


    OK, here is the finished deal… Didn’t go all out on the finish, I wanted to see how it worked first…

    Boy, I bet whomever designed the grip interface for the Talon ears were ringing as I cursed his name in fury over the supreme pain in the ass which is installing a one piece stock. 😡 Cheap, lazy bastards! 👿

    After a good hour of frustration it finally went on, to think it took as long to get it on the rifle as it did to sand and paint it 3 times…

    Overall time into the stock is probably 6 hours from sketch to final install…

    Went to the Airgun orientation and practice at the Diablo Rod and Gun Club in Concord to try it out on Sunday morning. Even though it was super windy the new stock greatly improved the feel and my ability to aim the rifle.

    Its amazing how different things feel when you actually shoot instead of just shouldering time and time again. Little things became larger and the shape of something that may have worked ‘in the shop’ felt different after about 50 shots.

    All in all it made a tremendous difference in accuracy and repeatability, the only downside is now everything I own is covered with a layer of blond dust… 😕

    On a side note, Pat (photo 22) let me take a few shots with his Talon Tunes tuned Condor .25 cal.. All I can say is WOW!!!! Quite the fearsome air rifle, silent and powerful, the shroud is a work of art in its own right, Anthony does some great work!!! Really nice to finally see some of his work in person… Thanks Pat!!



    Let me just say….Damn that is sexy looking and for the first time am tempted to put a wood stock on a talon.

    Very sleek and stealthy looking. Fantastic job!

    So you were at the shoot Saturday. Did you get to see the fireworks show before the shoot?



    Very nice, really like the finish on it.

    Congrats on a great job.


    😀 Thanks for the flowers guys!! 😆

    There were a few folks at the shoot that said I missed my calling…
    What I could do with a nice cnc and some finnply, can’t imagine doing this design in hardwood or ply without some serious power tools… That mdf is great for carving and sanding, it’s like soft grainless wood…

    I missed the fireworks, got there at 9:30 and it was all over at that point… 😯 😉

    Oh, I bought a Mosin Nagant on Saturday, get to pick it up in two weeks, what a nice relic rifle… Now I need to rent Sniper at the Gate..!

    WOK, I left enough room to stick a WOKBUT on the end for adjustability. 😉




    I told ya you would like it. 😛

    You did that wood proud, that finish is superb. What did you use? I want some, LOL.

    I had some “difficulty” too when installing the stock. I took a tap and rethreaded the pivot from both sides to make it easier to start the bolt.

    Then I rolled up a little wad of masking tape and stuffed it in the slot just above the pivot so it wouldn’t turn when putting the bolt in.

    You might consider adding a bit of bottle support at the butt-end of the stock. Your cheek will be able to push the bottle side to side ever so slightly. Make it unable to move and you are solid.


    Outstanding drooling all over the keyboard.


    I can tell you guys that stock is setup sweet. It’s really nice to shoot the way JW made it. 😀


    Seeing yours and Riff’s stock I think Im going to have to take the plunge and do one myself. You guys really captured the style of the gun and accented it. Ive worked with MDF so much in my life I could probably shit you a sheet if I drank some glue.

    Being as its MDF is it a heavy stock? What did you use to seal the wood? MDF soaks up moisture like a sponge including humidity so you wanna make sure the water has no way to get in or you will hate yourself. Also, when Im making dash and door panels out of the stuff I like to use Bondo(body filler) along with my MDF. You can fill in any scratches or even fill in huge areas if need be.

    All I need you to do now is make a fiberglass mold of your stock and start cranking them out so I can be lazy and not do one myself.


    Oh, and WTH!! Why didnt you sink your laser into the front of that thing and custom do the switch?

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