My Hill Pump Experience

I spent the first 45 minutes dorking out. I thought the wheezing and farting noises being made by the pump were normal. I reread a post on the forum where Synopsys said that he got his tank up to 2000 psi with two 5 minute sessions. I realized that I was doing something wrong. I rechecked the fill hose, and it wasn’t screwed down tight enough on either side. As soon as I started pumping again the needle started to rise. I couldn’t believe how fast the tank filled. After the first 5 minute session I was up to 1000 psi. I let the pump cool for fifteen minutues and then pumped up to 2000 psi. At 2000 psi the hose started leaking again. I torqued the connection down again. I was worried about over tightening, but I didn’t think I had much choice. I finished filling the tank in two more sessions. The last five minutes were a bitch. Toward the end my wife started making suggestive jokes about the whole pumping up the tank thing. I kind of agreed with her on the look of the whole situation, but I couldn’t laugh and operate the pump at the same time. I was actually lifting my body off the ground pushing down on the handle. After I regained my composure, I began pumping again. It takes some technique. I attached the tank to the Condor and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. Up to now I had been using CO2 and I had the power wheel set to low. I turned the wheel up to 11 and pulled the trigger again. After months of reading about how loud the Condor was I expected a louder report. After the first couple of shots the Condor became louder, but still quiter than I was expecting it to be. I was however surprised at how loud the “tank ping” sounded.

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Oh, and how do you manage to not lose the o-ring that goes between the bottle and the adaptor? Does everyone that uses a pump just keep a couple spares?

Jim who is actually not quite as irritated as he sounds…it’s late and the kids aren’t in bed yet

I just got the same pump that bikincrazy52 has, and what looks like the same adaptor (mine from AZ). The silly thing is that the nut on the hose is much shallower than the male threads on the adaptor, so the shoulder on the hose never abuts the o-ring so it doesn’t seal like it should.

Teflon tape is a piss poor solution. Can’t blame Hill for the hose, and I have no complaints with AF for their piece that fits on the tank, but whoever selected the adaptor that goes between was an idiot. By the way, mine came in an AF box, so I assume that they sourced the piece.

I’ll try teflon tape, but the better answer might be add yet another adaptor or turn half the length off of the threaded portion of this one.

Of does someone stock a hose that goes from the pump to the AF tank adaptor without requiring a jerry-rigged fitting in the middle?


Nope, i’ll keep using the tank.

It would be best to do your pumping in a room with AC. I do and still break a sweat in the 5 minutes or so it takes to top off. LOL My 23 year old son tried to pump up the tank and could not quite complete the stroke. He is 6’3 and 200 lbs+. It takes some technique. I stiffen my arms and drop my weight using my knees. No way you will be able to do it by bending at the waist.

Harder but faster than the airforce pump. I usually go one set from 2000-2500 and another set from 2500-3000, each about 2-3 minutes.

How much time or how much effort or how many strokes, however you want to answer this question, does it take to go from 2000 to 3000 with the Hill?

Yeah, I just kept an eye on Ebay for the parts I needed. It took awhile as I was in no hurry. Ive got maybe 130 or so in parts I think. Plus allot of time.

It is basically like you went out and bought an air compressor for 90% off. 8)

Im running it on a gear reduction motor that is further reduced with a timing chain and gear set. It will be pumping at near human speed, it just wont be tired when its done. I love to tinker so its more about that than anything else. Plus, I like the pump and didnt want to get rid of it even if I end up getting a fill tank. This gives me a reason to keep it and I can still remove it and take it with me for in the field use.

Maybe an air compressor would be what you are looking for ❓ For me, anything but a hand pump would be overkill. I have one gun and one tank, and after a normal shooting session, my tank is only down to about 2300.

Which is like five minutes of pumping, if it feels like blowing fast.

pumping from ZERO definitely SUCKS ❗ ❗ ❗ . Wasn’t too bad when I had one gun and one tank and only occasionally to work on something. Now however with a .25 and a 9mm and something constantly being worked on, and a total of 6 different tanks, I am working on a bulk air fill system. (normally 2-3 other people are around wanting to shoot too) too much air usage for regular hand pumping.

How will you make it so it wont fry your pump? You could make it computer controlled, and then sell the machine and software in a kit 😀

No, I still screw it in just like your set up in the pic. I do have a mechanical pumper about half built if I can ever get the time to finish it though ) That and my buddy hasnt sold me his seldom used welder yet. He keeps putting it off until I drive way in the hell out to his house.

quote Shadoh:

Thats the exact one I have. They are nice pumps. The only break Ive ever given the pump while pumping is because I needed one and not because I needed to let it cool down. Im only pumping up from 2000 psi though. Ive never had to pump from empty yet.

Do you have a quick connect coupler on it?

Thats the exact one I have. They are nice pumps. The only break Ive ever given the pump while pumping is because I needed one and not because I needed to let it cool down. Im only pumping up from 2000 psi though. Ive never had to pump from empty yet.

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