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    I had the Dog for a month and it was the only gun I shot and hunted in that time.

    This is what I think about the Benjamin Bullpup,
    I’ll break this in 2 parts the objective side where I give you my take on the gun and the subjective side where I actually give my thoughts but more related to my taste/needs.

    If you think the gun is loud give it some time it will quite down some, I thought it was loud initially but at the end of the month she definitely seemed more tame.

    I wouldn’t include this gun in the backyard friendly category.

    The Ping is loud.

    The lever action is good, functions well, smooth and light.

    The mag is well designed, never malfunctioned and sits well in the breech not interfering with the cheek weld.

    The air gauge in my gun was spot on.

    The gun is surprisingly slim, very nice to handle, carry, shoot, good ergos and balance.

    Pretty light gun for a big bore repeter.

    trigger is a nice trigger, not light but breaks nice.

    The gun is basically a 5-6 shots gun, after that the velocity really drops.

    Accuracy is there once you find the right ammo (more about that)

    Power is there too, 150 FPE with the 81-82gr ammo, 170+ FPE with the Noslers.

    most accurate ammo I found was the JSB pellets and the EPP/UG, those shooting at -/+ 900 fps are perfect for this power plant, I think the Noslers might b a good option for Heart/Lung shooting deer.

    Sling studs are solid, …tested them hard happy.gif

    All in all, the gun does what she’s been built for and she does it well.

    Now the Following part is just me, but I have to put it in happy.gifhappy.gif

    as much as I was hoping to warm up to the looks, that didn’t happen, I found the gun not very appealing to the eye.

    The Hollow plastic stock (IMO) feels and looks cheap, also it was very noisy in the woods, anytime I touched a hard part of my equipment like a Button it would be very loud, or trying to lean against a tree, same.

    The fill nipple dust cover is kinda lose and noisy, once I hit it with my knee getting in position to shoot a hog and spooked it.

    Same with the safety, I had to walk with the safety off because disengaging it was to loud.

    Once more, the Mag works well and it’s quiet wen filled with the Noslers, but not having a retaining ring when filled with shorter ammo it would rattle pretty loud.

    Back to ammo choice, this gun is new so more ammo needs to be tested, but I would concentrate in the 80gr variety, shooting at 900 fps I think it’s the best compromise for this powerplant.

    Can’t think of anything else, if you have any question I’ll do my best to answer

    Thanks for putting up with me happy.gif


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    Manny great write up. I always respect any information I get from you. I trust your insight and knowledge of airguns.

    Thanks Again



    That is a great write up Manny. I’m not saying that the review was negative but, I’m so glad I didn’t get it. My Roy Kasten tamed (LDC) Recluse single shot makes me smile every time I shoot her….I’m getting 168 fpe with 125 gr bullies….I’ve taken 2 deer with her this year already…Wish I had some hogs here lol

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