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    I had my Crosman 2240 duracoate by Yellow Ninja. I had him do it in black and it came out nice and it is far more durable then paint or truck bed liner.

    I like the finish more then the blueing done by Crosman and I am looking foreward to have more things duracoated 😆

    Thanks YN!

    Before DuraCoat

    After DuraCoat


    looking sweet mate 😀


    That looks Bad-Ass.
    How quiet with the shroud?
    What FPE?
    Nice job Ninj..


    Very quiet. I have 2 cones inside and it is slotted over the barrel. Air is able to escape backwards.

    Works great.



    I’m still trying to figure out the right technique to get a consistant finish between coats and over different days.

    You can see in the pic that the breech doesnt match up with the shroud under the light due to a different finish on each part. Adam says its better up close but I think he’s just being nice.

    For what I charged him he doesnt care and says the finish is fine and he’s gonna send all his guns to me for spraying, but my wife would kick my ass if I started spraying more stuff after the amount of time I spent in my shop spraying anything I could get my hands on over the last month.

    Took me AGES to do just those parts adam sent me and the finish isnt something I’d feel good about charging someone full price for… and if I dont charge full price then it isnt worth the amount of time I have to put into it.

    Talons are easy in comparison, took me less than an hour to do the camo on mine (which admittedly is very simple, but it wouldnt take much to put an extra color or two in there). Its those darn fiddly small parts that cause me the problems with all the different nooks and crannies… Nothing at all like spraying a house or a deck crane….

    So Adam is my first and last paying customer. Maybe after I’ve practiced a bit more I might start doing it for $, but not at the level I’m at now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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