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    Got if off EBay for haft the price of a new one, and was a driving distance. seller stated installed and never used since 2007. inspect the sump, air filter,belt and totally dissembled the filter and confirm it was in storage that long and only for testing residue—-did I say I was LUCKY!

    I alternate the work load with the Daystate compressor!


    Nice find Ernest !

    ~ GKU


    Yea Ernest great find!!


    The top safety valve was set at 225b, after bauer rep told me that the safety valve can be adjusted to 5000 psi but that’s all he can say ( I though I have to get another set at 4500psi). so that’s what I did after looking through every part of the safety valve—I figured it out and easy to adjust.

    1: loosen locknut

    2: insure you have a gauge before the close cutout valve on the fill hose, start compressor—-> when pressure start lifting the safety valve the pressure will no longer go up——->slowly unscrew the adjustment rod that has a slot for a screw driver—wait till pressure start to rise and start to left again—keep doing this till it start lifting again at the pressure you want it to left—as for me I set at 4700psi.

    3. stop compressure

    4. bleed pressure around 4300psi

    5. tighten lock nut

    6. start compressor and check the safety valve to insure it start lifting around 4700psi —- if your off a little adjust rod up or down to get your desired pressure setting. lower pressure and test again—- do this till your satisfied . reinstall vent knob cover.

    Here is the internals of the safety valve ==== spring washer like most PCP regulator.


    Gee Ernest are you getting ready for doomsday, that’s a lot of air for ya ? :fishinghole:
    The PB-E1 Compressor I believe ~ $6,000.00 new.


    •Bauer Model Oceanus/PB-E1 air cooled, oil lubricated, 3-stage, reciprocating compressor
    •Max working pressure 5000 PSI
    •Application working pressure 4500 PSI
    •Capacity: 4.9 SCFM Charging Rate referenced to standard inlet conditions
    •Horsepower: 5
    •Power requirements: 230/1/60
    •This model is recommended for filling two 4500 PSI DOT storage cylinders(444 cubic feet each)
    •This unit is recommended for filling approximately 20-50 players per day.

    ~ GKU


    Just don’t like waiting for air–so this bad boy fill the 97CF from 200 to 300 bar in 3.5 min—and tank feels just worm. actually I pump it up to 4900psi then settle in at 4500 in 30min. So Happy filling 3 CF tank now!

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