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My 1st Son’s 1st gun…

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    My first born, my Son Brock is 9 working on 10 years old. I wanted to get him his first Air rifle. I wanted something he could work on his marksmanship with as well as hunt when he is ready. I grew up on the 760 pumpmaster, as many know the little gun was hit or miss with mediocre power and accuracy. Although to be fair all I shot were local pellets.. little choices so I’m sure it could have done better given the chance.

    To shorten a lengthy story I wanted something better. Something rock solid… Something with outstanding reliability, substantial power and above all known accuracy. I remembered the old Benjamin pumpers on the top shelf as a kid for $120+ .. The classy all wood stock full metal.. etc.
    Well things have changed some and I know polymers are amazing and all but… I was disappointed with the overall look and reports on the 397/392 Benjis…

    I went on eBay and found what I was missing… a minty 1982 Sheridan C series “Blue Streak” … the unique .20 cal

    The polished brass ..the metal..the wood… the trigger.. the quality folks was once there… sad what it has become.

    Brock is tickled… he’s totally enamored with this rifle as am I.
    Shots hard with 14.3 gr Benji cylindrical 8 pumps nets 630-640 fps repeatedly. Hits hard. This will do folks …this will do just fine. May even send her to Timmy @Mac1 to bathe in his foutian of youth… maybe get the steroid treatment.


    :8: A great age to start ………..

    ~ Greg


    Fully understand you and your son. Nice rifle, really.
    Recently went through some different rifles, looking for a nice carbine. Well, wood has it over plastics in the end. Had the Compatto, well built, good, accurate rig, but finally ended up with a HW100 with wood stock (my 2nd after the long version). Smells good, feels good, looks good and shoots good. Imagine I find myself sniffing the stock before taking the shot…
    Like wood far more than poly, probably down to my first rifle I got from my dad 28 years ago, the Daisy 1894 underlever BB rifle.
    Enjoy your rifle and the quality time with your kid, time passes so fast.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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